Gaz 25 00:21 15 Jan 2003
  Gaz 25 00:21 15 Jan 2003

I am very concerned about the amount of high reated viruses. Bugbear which I unfortunatly received actually disabled all my firewalls and my great AVG 6. Now because they were diabled I could not stop it from sending information through my Internet server whcih is located at a diffferent location so it is not as though I could take theinternet connection out and also printing a bugbear picture constantly untill I turned off my printer and it rerouted to my other printer.

I in the end won but it was hard work!

What is going on!

I now use mailwasher to avoid auto-opening viruses but It annoys me to think that viruses are just getting worse. One day the virus writers will possibly invent one that overrides Mailwasher and opens it up.

What are other people's views to viruses and anti-anti-viruses that turn off our firewalls.

  barryoneoff 02:32 15 Jan 2003

obviously expert programers to have the skills to create these bloody things! Why dont they pyt their talent to good use and get recognition for it?

I honestly cant understand the mentality of someone getting pleasure out of disrupting systems and causing distress randomly.

  Gaz 25 02:47 15 Jan 2003

!!! I totally agree, we need a stop to them !!!

The thning is it is getting easy for these people to write viruses, beleive me there are pages of virus tutors out there on the web (google search).

Why are we teaching young people how to do damage to other peoples systems.

I cannot understand why someone wants to do that.

They should use their hacking skills to some good use. Thing is these viruses are more advanced now than Anti-virus by disabling the processes.

click here , I hope it gets invented to stop these idiots!

This new Avril virus is desgusting but bugbear is even worse! Maddness....

Viruses are just little codes saved in notepad as a ini or exe file. Why do they let notepad save in this format!!!

We should also block viruses or programs accessing regedit without a popup notifiying us.

Anyway, any more comments are welcomed...

  Gaz 25 03:37 15 Jan 2003


  jazzypop 03:39 15 Jan 2003

AVG let Bugbear through???

  Gaz 25 03:47 15 Jan 2003

Yes, if you have a look at symantecs security resopnse area you will find it disables all security processes that have:


the list goes on...

and it actually tries to stop or delete these programs.

  jazzypop 03:51 15 Jan 2003

Yes, I realise that, but the virus code has to be executed before it can disable anything or perform any of it's other destructive tricks.

Norton scans it before it gets to the email client,and quarantines it. There is then no chance of the virus activating, therefore no risk. As long as the virus is recognised, it is a simple and effective process.

So far, there is no virus that can 'activate' while being transferred - although I suppose the days of a 'streaming' virus can't be far off :(

  Gaz 25 03:59 15 Jan 2003

Exactly the days of streaming viruses!!! :(((((

I hope not!!

  Gaz 25 04:02 15 Jan 2003

Should AVG check e-mails as they come through?

And you know if you go into macro security in MS word is says No virus scanner is installed, why?

  powerless 05:49 15 Jan 2003

MS probably havnt updated a few files to show that AVG is a virus scanner or they dont rate it highly enough to give it "Virus scanner" status.

AVG is free...Norton you pay for...

It goes back to the question should i buy or download for free, which is best...

Well i dont care, i prefer Norton AV 2003 becasue its sooo easy to use. It has caught two little buggers already in my email; i was protected. The virsus were nothing compared to bugbear but still...

As long as you have some kind of protection then you should be "OK".

Most importantly always update your AV and recheck the settings now and again just in case someone has been having a little play with them.

Virus's will always be around the computing world, I'm not to concerned about "whats coming" because it just makes us worry. Maybe theres a virus now on my computer, a newly but undiscovered one...

Theres more important "things" to worry about in the world today then a computer virus.

Remember "Backups"? Well as long as you get and keep the routine of backing up those important files and updating AV and a weekly scan. Then thats all we can do really...

Well i tell i lie...Turning of the computer is the last option ;-)

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