podlod 08:14 19 Aug 2005

Hi again, Could someone tell me if there is a website I can go to, to learn all about PC`s and how to repair, change drives, etc; I know its a tall order but I feel so lost when all the experts start giving me info.Explainations and diagrams would be perfect, but I am not holding out much hope!I have learnt a fair amount while on PCAdvisor from all of you and think the site is invaluable to me, Thanks again.

  Satmansq 08:29 19 Aug 2005

This site looks helpful click here Most components come with instructions which should be read first, rather than my approach, install hardware and then read info to find out why it doesnt work. A practice I have since stopped.

  Jackcoms 08:33 19 Aug 2005

"Could someone tell me if there is a website I can go to, to learn all about PC`s"

Err, you're already at one of the better sites.

  palinka 10:41 19 Aug 2005

Podlod, as Jackcoms says.....!
Seriously: reading PC Advisor; browsing this Forum; will help a lot.
If the advice in the Forum is a bit technical or uses jargon you don't understand then say so and someone will explain in plain English.
I've often found that the help I needed has come from putting together several different postings.

Best to start a new subject for each of the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

  BH34 10:49 19 Aug 2005

Have a look at this to podlod click here

  podlod 16:46 20 Aug 2005

As usual you have come up trumps, I am well pleased with the info you have given me and I SHALL BE BACK someone most famously said? Thanks again, Bryan

  Stuartli 16:49 20 Aug 2005

I think BH34's suggestion is exactly what podlod had in mind.

  woodchip 16:57 20 Aug 2005
  Diemmess 17:40 20 Aug 2005

"I shall be back!"

[U.S. General Douglas McArthur on leaving the Phillipines 1942.]

  podlod 18:02 20 Aug 2005

No Diemmess, Governor of California!!!!!

  Diemmess 19:55 20 Aug 2005

Maybe McArthur said "I shall return"..? ;-))

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