Computing shutting down

  aaronh03 19:03 03 May 2008

Right so, I've got somewhat of a major problem with my computer. Every half an hour or so it'll decide to simply shut down. After a while I managed to get my anti-virus to completely run through, and a trojan horse was found and removed. However, the problem continues.

The issue with this though, is that this even happens before I can reach the log on screen whilst booting up. I've tried reinstalling windows, but the system has then told me that I have no hard-drive attached, which is completely false. A clean install would be ideal, as I've backed up all the necessary files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and I'm running XP Home and the anti-virus program is Avast.

  aaronh03 19:04 03 May 2008

Ack, apologies for the error in the title. It should read 'Computer shutting down'.

  kimjhon 21:35 03 May 2008

PSU safety cut-out? Clogged fans?

  FatboySlim71 23:21 03 May 2008

It does sound like a heat related issue overheating of the processor or power supply (possibly caused by a failing fan) or it could also be a underpowered or failing power supply.

Or if all of the above are proven not to be at fault it could even be a fault on the Motherboard.

  Ditch999 12:42 04 May 2008

Sounds like a heat or PSU problem. Download HWmonitor click here and let it run to see what your temps are like. CPU should be between 40-55C on average. Also make sure all fans are running and not clogged with fluff/dirt etc

  Trotter2 17:24 04 May 2008

hi aaronh03, I had same problem recently and it turned out to be a power supply prob and a trojan horse changing various settings! I added new power supply and totally re-installed windows. all ok now

  wee eddie 17:50 04 May 2008

Borrow a decent Hair Drier ( turn off the heat and put on the Narrow nozzle) and a Natural Bristle Paint Brush 1" is about right.

Take the cover off the PC and use the Paint Brush to dislodge any dust and the Hair Drier to blow it away.

It's a good idea to Earth yourself before doing anything with a PC's internals and after you've earthed yourself, unplug the PC, or at a very minimum, turn it off at the Mains.

  aaronh03 16:43 06 May 2008

Thank you for all the replies. I've completely cleaned out each of the fans, and also ran the suggested program (HWMonitor). I have 'CPUTIN' at around 81C, and I can only assume that this is indicating the temperature of my CPU, which therefore is quite high?

I'll try using another power supply if possible, and see if this improves the situation.


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