Computer works very slowly

  benson68 14:20 27 Nov 2007

At least, compared to the speed it used to have.
It takes between 15 & 25 seconds to open up a Word file. The internet symbol, I usually have to double click twice.
Control panel this takes quite a while, & only a torch swinging right & left appears at first. Is this normal?
Very often, my keyboard presses take such a long delay, I have to use CTRL/Alt/Delete & "end task" then I restart, & it performs its usual (slow) speed. It seems that if I give it two things to do at once, it hasn't the energy!
It's a Compaq Presario 2600 Celeron, 512Mb memory, 80Gb HDD, WinXP home, AVG Anti-Virus, Zone Alarm plus some Spyware. Can anyone help?

  RobCharles1981 14:28 27 Nov 2007

What spyware do you have?

  Clapton is God 14:31 27 Nov 2007

Or do you meant ANTI-spyware?

Have you undertaken any basic PC housekeeping?

With this for example click here

  birdface 14:36 27 Nov 2007

This from Bensons other here Now he has got rid of some trojans his computer is running slower and is looking for something to repair it or to make it run faster. Hi Benson it confuses folk when you have 2 threads running at the same time.As you have removed the Trojan it would be better for you to close the other thread,If you go back to it and tick the little square and press resolved it will stop others from looking.

  benson68 15:07 27 Nov 2007

thanks buteman. New to this!
I've got Winpatrol, Spyware Guard, Spybot,Spyware Terminator. I was willing to try anything to get rid of JS/Download.Agent. Thought that it was something nasty. Seems the the JS stands for Javascript!
(& I meant anti-spyware, sorry!)

  birdface 15:10 27 Nov 2007

Hi Benson.You could try Winaso free trial.It only repairs 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.It also has a registry defrag on it that you can use ,And does an automatic back up.It should make your computer run faster.I use it with C Cleaner. use C Cleaner one week and Winaso the here trial lasts for a year.

  birdface 15:19 27 Nov 2007

Switch of zone alarm.And see if things speed up' If not its one thing less to worry about.try,Taskmanager, processes,Under CPU if nothing running System idle process should be showing about 97% all the rest the remaining 3% is there anything else running that is taking up a high % of your CPU.

  Stuartli 16:25 27 Nov 2007

This information is provided on the BlackViper website:

"Idle: This is a generic process that is used when no other program or process is requiring CPU resources. It is not a bad thing if it is using 99% of your CPU! This process is a 16 k loop that the CPU processes while it is not doing "anything" else. If you computer is called upon to do any other task than nothing, the idle process allows that to happen and the % used will decrease accordingly. You can not disable the idle process. If it is using 97% CPU, which only means that the other 3% is used by real programs. If your idle process is constantly at a low rate (for example, 3%) something else, an application or process is using the CPU."

Page link is:

click here

  benson68 16:59 27 Nov 2007

Switching off Zone Alarm certainly makes an immediate difference. About 6 to 8 seconds for a Word file now. Is there any way to configure ZA to use less or would WinXP's firewall be worth installing? I'd heard that it wasn't much good?

  benson68 17:28 27 Nov 2007

I've run CCleaner. We'll see what it's like now.
My problems with the hyperlinks in OE are back, & also, I've found out that the WinXP firewall is on. I did disable it when I installed Zone Alarm, so I don't know if it has switched itself on, when I switched off ZA.
Anyway, I've tidied the system up with CCleaner, even though I'm always cleaning the debris, with various utilities, so we'll see what happens.
In the recent past, I've used McCaffe Quick Clean & System Mechanic6

  birdface 18:15 27 Nov 2007

Zone Alarm.I used to have it but had problems with it and I can't remember how you configure it.Although Windows firewall is not very good,It is easier to use than Zone Alarm.I use Kerio [free] It works just the same as windows,Just install it and leave it,No pop-ups all the time wanting you to allow or deny programs.When yo go into C Cleaner before you run it.Press Options.Cookies.Move any cookies that you want to keep from the left hand box into the right hand box or they get deleted when you run C Cleaner.

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