computer wont work!

  morgueman 14:29 06 May 2007

Hello all,

When i turn on my computer, all i get is the little light on the pc flashing has though its loading up, by my screen is blank, just says no connection. It worked fine earlier this morning, then it was left for awhile and when the wife (i blame her) went to use it, it turned itself of and then the above happened!

I've tried it with a different monitor and the same result!

Any ideas please??



  p;3 14:34 06 May 2007

have you physically checked that the monitor is actually connected to the computer?

  morgueman 14:40 06 May 2007

Yes, checked all the connections with the present monitor and also when i tried it with the other one!
Sorry should mention its windows xp!

  p;3 14:52 06 May 2007

I know it is a dalf question, but where is it saying 'no connection'? where is that message displayed?

  woodchip 14:55 06 May 2007

Does the Computer beep as it ever Beeped when starting?

Wy is it we always blame the Wife?

  GARVINO 15:38 06 May 2007

Check the power supply to the motherboard sometimes the little plug can pop off. The computer makes a whirring noise but does not boot. Worth a try good luck.

  p;3 15:47 06 May 2007

I think they have gawn off for a cup of tea and chat::)) the comp is having a quiet think/thunk to itself

  phono 15:47 06 May 2007

With power removed and correct precautions taken in relation to static discharge, check that all internal cards, connections and cables are firmly seated, also check that RAM and CPU are firmly seated if above actions don't help.

Post back with the result.

  morgueman 18:26 06 May 2007

The message of no connection is coming up on the monitor, it normally does that if the computer isnt on and just the monitor is on.
Checked all the caballing but will try it all again, thanks for all the help everyone!

  morgueman 19:09 06 May 2007

Just connected the monitor to another pc and it works fine, so its not that! Sorry, the message that comes up on the monitor when i turn the pc on is no input signal!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:54 06 May 2007

If HDD leds and fans running, then suspect loose graphics card.

Switch off, open case remove and refit graphics acrd and retry.

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