Computer won't wake up!

  polo 17:31 28 Feb 2006

My wife is having trouble with her computer, it goes in to standby (or is it hibernation?)and won't come out of it when you press a key or move the mouse It seems to have started doing this for no reason. The only way to get it going again is Control alt delete and then end task, and that dosen't always do it. I've looked at power options and put closing down hard drive as 'never' but thats not helped. Anyone got any ideas bearing in mind that we're not that computer literate, yet!

  woodchip 17:35 28 Feb 2006

Go to Control Panel, Power settings and set the Hard drive to Never

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:47 28 Feb 2006

Step One

Right Click on "My Computer" on your Desktop.

Step Two

Left Click on "Open"

Step Three

Double left Click on Control Panel

Step Four

Double left click on Power Management and set everything to never under the Power Schemes Tab.

  polo 16:56 02 Mar 2006

Many thanks Woodchip and Fruit bat. I did say above that I had been to Control panel, power options, and had put hard drive on 'never'. I have now put systems standby on never but it hasn't made any difference. On my more modern computer there is a hybernation tab on the power options and on that page a box you can tick or untick to enable hybernation, but my wifes computer doesn't have that. Actually it doesn't seem as if goes into hybernation as when we revive it with control alt delete it fully reboots. Anymore ideas anyone?

  woodchip 13:37 03 Mar 2006

Try going into BIOS and disable Power Management

  medicine hat 13:50 03 Mar 2006

Moving the mouse wouldn't wake a computer from hibernation and you have to use the correct combination of keys ie Fn + Wake, though this rarely works for me

  woodchip 13:54 03 Mar 2006

If the Computer is in hibernation, you can only start it by pressing the start button

  medicine hat 14:08 03 Mar 2006

It may be worth checking Windows Update (not in the critical updates section) to see if there is a fix ready to download for her system

  polo 12:07 04 Mar 2006

Yes I'll have a look at the Windows update, thanks

  Jackcoms 12:12 04 Mar 2006

Is this a desktop or a laptop?

If it's a laptop there is a known issue with hibernation not working correctly on some models of laptop.

Suggest you disable hibernation if it's a laptop. MS have yet to issue a fix.

  terryf 12:13 04 Mar 2006

For the future if you get this fixed I would suggest that you ask yyour wife not to use hibernation because I have heard that it is possible to lose data if things go wrong,

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