computer wont turn on!! HELP ME PLEASE

  Jonny-B 20:08 01 Feb 2003

When i turn on my computer it wont start up i am running win2k pro on a 1GHz, custom made computer. I get a blue screened error message saying theres a problem with ntfs.sys and adress bff29a58 base at bfef0000 datestamp 38437ed3. I have tried reinstalling windows and the same error occurs, i have also tried to format the disk using seagate disk wizard and tried using a MS-DOS startup disk but this also failed.

Thanks, Jon Williams

  Winston Churchill 20:12 01 Feb 2003

Try installin a os that runs fat32, it worked for me, then reformat and ntfs

  Jonny-B 20:16 01 Feb 2003

thanks for that winston churchill i will try that any more suggestions would be gratefully recieved also

  howard60 20:31 01 Feb 2003

something plugged in to the usb have you. I once left my flash card reader connected and the pc would not even boot to the post.

  jediknight007 20:33 01 Feb 2003

Try replacing your memory.

  Stuartli 20:34 01 Feb 2003

All my USB peripherals are permanently connected and I have no problems.

One cause might just be a floppy left in the drive.

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