Computer won't switch on.

  Schmooziphisus 19:21 19 Jun 2005

Hi there, I had left my computer alone for about half an hour with a Black & White game paused. Came back and the monitor was saying no signal where all the leads were in properly and the computer appeared to be running. I couldn't actually do anything at all so i held my computer off switch to turn it off and now it doesn't switch back on. the first few times i tried it, my fans etc spun round about three times then it just died. Doesn't even do this now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PC Specs:
Windows XP SP2, 460W power supply (3months old), XP Athlon 2000+, gigabyte GA-7VA motherboard, 1gb memory (2 months old), brand new digimate monitor.

  Graham ® 19:31 19 Jun 2005

Sounds like the PSU has failed. If the fan wasn't running, it could have overheated. If you are qualified, check if it has an internal fuse.

  Schmooziphisus 19:43 19 Jun 2005

i tried a different PSU but it didn't seem to make any difference. i'm not qualified to check the fuse but it looks ok from what i can see.

  Charlie Babbage 23:14 19 Jun 2005

Not clear exactly how old is your computer. Seems odd that PSU should fail after only 3 months. How long had the original PSU been there before oyu had to replace it?

If you recently bought computer from store or supplier over the Internet then you MAY be able to claim under Sale of Goods Act that it was not fit for purpose and claim refund or replacement.

With regard to fuse, have you checked fuse in mains plug? Just take out the old one and replace it with a new one!

  saxman 06:56 20 Jun 2005

I have found three faults which have caused this problem, failed PSU,memory card, or motherboard. The last one was fatal and I had to start again. There are the obvious ones like mains supply and cable but I assume you have checked these
Hope this helps

  Schmooziphisus 08:57 20 Jun 2005

Well i tried another PSU, but that one was dodgy too so im gonna try another one at the weekend. Computer was self built many years ago with new bits here and there, i.e. graphics card, memory, psu, system fan, monitor are all within the last three months. Will let you know after i try this power supply.

Tried a different lead and that didn't make much difference. The original PSU Was well old so i replaced it as it was acting up, this new one says two years warranty on it so i should be able to claim back.

If i did have to get another motherboard/cpu, can anyone recommend anything (particularly from - would be thinking along the lines of a Pentium, hopefully that can still use my ddr 3200 ram and my agp radeon 9800 pro

  Schmooziphisus 08:58 20 Jun 2005

Oh, that's cheap also would be good

  Stuartli 09:11 20 Jun 2005

Have you also checked that the lead/cable from the power switch to the motherboard has not become detached or loose?

  Schmooziphisus 11:24 20 Jun 2005

Yeah cause i tried replacing the whole psu with another one so have tried it a few times.

  zarobian 17:06 20 Jun 2005

Here is far fatch idea but worth a try.
When you open the case,trace the two wires from the front switch to the Motherboard. These two wires will be on two pins(5V) on one side of the motherboard. The front switch is a momentry one. It does not latch. Just providing a startup logic for the motherboard.

Remove the wires and carefully shortout the pins it was on for a 1/2 second and see if the computer now fires up. If it does then obviouly your switch is not making proper contact or broken.

NOTE: Do not hold the pins together for more then 1/2 second or you will blow up a fuse in the PSU.

  zarobian 17:09 20 Jun 2005

Shortout the pins for half a second.

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