computer wont start or work

  aksuzbero 10:03 01 Mar 2009

hi guys,
i have a 3 year old computer.
it was working fine until one day when i started it up it kept on crashing at startup.
i restarted it but it still kept on crashing.
i havent installed any drivers etc.
i then decided to do a clean install of windows but halfway through installing xp, it crashed, so i can't install xp either! please help me what to do! i dont want to throw the computer away, there must be a way to get it working again!

  MAJ 10:12 01 Mar 2009

It sounds like a hardware problem, aksuzbero, either memory, graphics, hard drive or power supply. To help narrow it down,

1. Were you getting any error messages before it crashed,?

2. Were there any strange noises coming from inside the tower?

3. How many sticks of RAM are installed?

4. Was the display okay before the crashes?

5. Have you carefully cleaned out the inside of the tower, clearing any fluff from the fans and vents?

Is it possible that you could install the hard drive in another computer, to check the hard drive and to back up any important files you have on it?

You say you tried reinstalling Windows, what type of disk do you have, a manufacturer's restore disk or a full XP disk?

  DieSse 10:56 01 Mar 2009

"....but it still kept on crashing."

"....halfway through installing xp, it crashed"

Please tell us what happened - exactly, with the messages (if any).

Crashing is such a vague term, it's impossible to tell what's happening.

  aksuzbero 11:07 01 Mar 2009

"Please tell us what happened - exactly, with the messages (if any)".
it just froze like a print screen and nothing would move ie like the mouse.
it also had 512 mb of ram and a strange humming noise from the tower

  aksuzbero 11:07 01 Mar 2009

it was a full xp disk

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:22 01 Mar 2009

1. switch off unplug
2. remove side cover
3. clean all dust from inside of machine
4. remove and reseat the memory modules
5. plug back in and reboot
6. attempt to run XP setup from the disk and make sure it checks the drive before installing.

  wala lang 13:57 01 Mar 2009

your hard disk is broken already or have a bad sector...
when you install windows xp until what ??? in 39 min.
or copying some files
and remove the ram fist and clean it with eraser in the pencil a. and you can see a gold just erase it and please dont try to touch the transistor ok
or some peripherals is not completable or maybe your cpu are so dirty try to disconnect the cpu and clean it and put some thermal pasteok but not to much

what is the color isn't blue screen or what ???

  wala lang 14:01 01 Mar 2009

crashing??? hmm that is not crashing !! it is fatal error you mean to !!!
try to setup the bios or refresh it from the pin
hmm by the way what Pentium 3 or 2

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