Computer wont start after rainstorm

  BORAZO 15:39 24 Jan 2003

There was a rainstorm yesterday. There was noise at the socket-the computer had been plugged in. Today, it would not come on. I removed the cover today and tried to check the power supply. My measurments show that all the voltages are ok. ie +11.8v, +5V, -5V etc. When the computer is switched on, the hdd light flashes on and goes off. The fdd light does not come on at all. The CDROM drive light flashes as usual. The Power Supply fan goes on, the Microprocessor fan goes on too. Inspite of all these activities of life,
the monitor only shows a black screen with squares-some black, the rest white. There are no POST beeps at all. I have changed the monitor, but comes out completely blank. What could be amiss? Could be a BIOS problm or what? Could some one help?

  Lozzy 15:43 24 Jan 2003

Is the power light of the monitor on?? If not check the fuse in the plug.. apart from that it could be a a faulty graphics card.. Do you have a spare you can try from another PC??

  woodchip 15:51 24 Jan 2003

If you are getting something on the monitor, they sometimes have test patterns built in, it may be one of those you can see

  woodchip 15:52 24 Jan 2003

PS it may be the graphics card that's gone puff

  TLzook 16:44 24 Jan 2003


bios settings vary but you should get a long beep followed by rapid shortbeeps or similar for vga faults.
have you got surge protection fitted? or
has there been any power cuts .

  BRYNIT 17:22 24 Jan 2003

I had a similar problem. Try removeing the modem card.

  Gongoozler 17:39 24 Jan 2003

BORAZO, if your computer normally gives a beep at boot up and now gives none, then something has been damaged. Try unplugging all the plug in devices from the motherboard (pci cards, video card, drives etc) and see if you get any beeps. If you don't, then it could well be that the motherboard has been damaged.

  mackaycc 18:27 24 Jan 2003

Try BRYNIT's suggestion. This can be caused by the modem as they have a tendency to get damaged whenever there's lightning about. Remove the modem from your computer and try rebooting it. You will probably find that the computer will boot up as normal.

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