Computer Won't Start

  yorkiepuddingus 13:54 07 May 2007

I have an Athlon XP 2600 with 512mb PC2100 RAM. It has on-board graphics and runs on XP Home Edition.

When it is switched on - all the necessary fans work - the monitor standby light switches on - but the display shows 'No Signal'. The computer then starts to beep twice intermittently.

Any solutions???

  missingit 14:02 07 May 2007

have a look here
click here

  birdface 14:06 07 May 2007

Will it work in Safe mode,And try last good configuration or system restore.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:20 07 May 2007

Beep Codes
click here
click here

but two beeps sounds like faulty memory.

try one stick at a time, and a simple remove refit of memory sticks may solve the problem.

Memory Test
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click here

  wee eddie 14:26 07 May 2007

This should set you on the right trail

click here

  yorkiepuddingus 15:45 07 May 2007

Thanks for the useful tips. Tried a few things with the 2 memory sticks and cleaned them down. Hey presto the system now works.

Problem now is that the passwod for windows XP has locked out so I cannot get into the system. I'm now looking at just getting a replacement hard drive and reloading windows onto it. Any other suggestions before I buy the HDD??


  woodchip 15:49 07 May 2007

Graphics or Memory Problem. You could try reseat memory. as for Graphic, ir would mean getting a Graphicscard that will work with that Motherboard. But you need to know what Graphics slots it as. It may only support a Old PCI graphics. These you can stil get at Computer Fairs

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 07 May 2007

XP Password help
click here

Reset password for Windows XP by hitting f8 at bootup, select safe mode, at logon, go to the admin account, hit enter, and the password is now reset.

Just press and hold "Ctrl" and "Alt" and press "Delete" twice while the Welcome Screen is displayed.

Type in "Administrator" as the username, and leave the password field blank

If you created a password for the built-in administrator account, this wont work!!

  woodchip 16:21 07 May 2007

Sorry did not read it all

  Totally-braindead 16:29 07 May 2007

If you do end up having to reinstall windows theres no need to buy another hard drive. Just start the PC with the CDROM as the first boot device and with the windows disk in it and format the hard drive before reinstalling windows.

  yorkiepuddingus 22:47 22 May 2007

What a calamity with this PC. My own blew up (power pack) at the weekend. I have tried to salvage one PC from the two I had. Curently I have a Athlon XP2000 (1633mhz) with 1GB PC2700 RAM and 128mb Graphic Card fitted.
The problem now is as follows. The computer starts up it goes through the boot up and the windows xp logo comes up on the monitor - then just as you expect the full xp welcome to apear -the monitor switches off and says 'no signal'. The computer keeps running but no graphics. I have tried BIOS and put CD as 1st device and loaded the xp CD into the drive - but nothing gets any further than the monito switching off.


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