Computer won't start

  SimoneT 14:36 04 Feb 2007

Help please! Our daughter switched our computer off at the mains the other day without shuting the machine down first. Now the PC won't start, all I get is the noise of the fan, a constant red light but nothing else. Have tried to restart by holding the power button in, but without fail. No beeps no nothing. Any help in getting this fixed is much appreciated. Thanks!

  rawprawn 14:49 04 Feb 2007

Try and reboot using you XP CD. (assuming XP) you need to enable the machine to boot from CD in Set up

  SimoneT 15:11 04 Feb 2007

Would love to do that, but as I said, I cannot get anything, no picture, no sounds nothing, so can't reboot using the XP disk.

  rawprawn 15:19 04 Feb 2007

turn your compter on then go into setup (Hit F2) I think that should get you to the boot order. Change the first boot to CD (It is probably set to your HD.) then go back put your xp cd in turn your computer off, and then back on. it should boot into windows using the cd.

  rawprawn 15:24 04 Feb 2007

It may be better for you to do a Windows Repair, and this link will also show you better than I can explain how to boot from your CD. click here

  SimoneT 15:36 04 Feb 2007

Unfortunately I cannot open the CD drive, or get anything on the screen, my monitor shows that there is no signal, so quite clearly the PC is not doing anything at all. Really don't know how to get this resolved.

  rawprawn 15:42 04 Feb 2007

I think you have a power problem, this link will give you several things to check
click here

  SimoneT 15:47 04 Feb 2007

Thanks rawprawn, will follow the advice on the link with husband sometime this week. Hopefully all will be well.

  Kate B 15:53 04 Feb 2007

I hope it's not a fried motherboard. The absence of beeps isn't very good news.

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