Computer Won't pass the "Starting Windows Screen" 12:06 28 Jan 2007

Hi, I have an old computer which I was trying to bring back to life, It had many problems with it an i am now down to the last one.
I have a old, small hard drive which I installed the Windows 2000 OS on to from another computer because the CD Drive on the old computer does not work properly.
When I put the hard drive into the old computer, It appears to start booting fine, Then when It gets to the back screen which says "Starting Windows" the status bar moves across the screen until full (up to this point It is normal), Then the computer screen goes blank, and the computer re-starts. It then just keeps going around in this circle.

Any Ideas Please?

  gudgulf 12:19 28 Jan 2007

You have all the drivers installed for the pc on which Windows 200 was installed.

When you put the hard drive back in the old pc Windows is not finding the expected hardware and will halt its boot up.

  gudgulf 12:20 28 Jan 2007

Oops....Windows 2000 no 200. 12:34 28 Jan 2007

So do i fix this problem by re-installing the operating on the actual old computer istelf?....If so, The cd drive in it at the moment does not work, Will It make any difference if i put my spare cd/dvd drive into it?

  gudgulf 12:45 28 Jan 2007

Yes that's what you should do.

Fix/replace the cd drive and install directly on the old computer.Your spare cd/dvd drive should be fine.

Windows will then set itself up for the hardware you have on that pc and the correct drivers will be installed. 17:02 28 Jan 2007

Hi gudgulf,
Thanks so much for this help. I scavanged a spare cd/dvd drive and re-installed the operating system sucsessfully.
Thanks agin for your help as it has also finally stopped throwing more problems at me and is working really well.

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