Computer won't detect my new router!

  CharlieB 23:00 26 Sep 2007

Can anybody help me?

I'm trying to set up a new router (Belkin Wireless G Router - F5D7230-4), and i got 3/4 of the way through the easy install before it came up with a problem; the computer is not detecting the new router at all.

Now the router itself shows on the front that the power is on, it is connected to the modem and that it is connected to a wired computer.

It seems that there might be something up with my computer's networking port, as it's not detecting the router. I've actually experienced a problem like this before. My modem is actually connected via a USB cable rather than by ethernet cable, as it didn't detect that either.

I don't know whether this is helpful at all, but a friend suggested that for some reason my networking port might not actually be 'on', but i'm not quite sure what he means by this, so if that's true, then an explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, can somebody please help me, as i really do need to set up a wireless network on my computer.

Oh, and if it helps, my computer is a Medion - Windows XP, Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2.



  brundle 23:04 26 Sep 2007

When you say `detects`, via USB, ethernet, or wireless? Have you disconnected your modem? If you have connected to the router via Ethernet, the computer won't `detect` it as such, it's just a gateway to the internet. Go to Start menu/Run, type


press return



What do the IP address and gateway lines say?

  Ashrich 23:59 26 Sep 2007

Go into the bios , usually by tapping " Delete " while the PC is first starting ( during post screen ) and check if the ethernet port is enabled ( if it is an onboard one that is ) look in the integrated peripherals section , usually has the serial ports , printer port , anything else that is built in to the motherboard , that sort of thing . If that is Ok , have a look in device manager to see if it actually showing up there , or if it has a yellow triangle with it ( usually bad or no drivers loaded ) , and I hope you don't mind me asking this , but make sure you aren't trying to plug the ethernet cable into something like a built in modem port instead , sorry if that sounds daft , but it wouldn't be the first time I have seen that ( both ways round , modems into ethernet port as well !! )


  Rigga 08:23 27 Sep 2007

Firstly, from what I can gather the router you mention is a Cable / DSL router. Is this correct?

You say, "Now the router itself shows on the front that the power is on, it is connected to the modem and that it is connected to a wired computer."

I take it from this you have the computer connected to a modem as a separate box, then you have connected the modem to the router?

This doesn't sound right.

Surely, if you are using a Cable based ISP then the router will replace the current modem, not be used in conjunction with it?

If I am getting this right, then you should disconnect your Cable / DSL modem, replace it with the new Wireless Cable / DSL router. Then run the setup as described in the manual for the router.


  interzone55 09:19 27 Sep 2007

This sounds to me like the router is in a different IP address range to your computer.

What is the router's default IP address (this should be in the manual) - I think Belkin usually use Change the IP address of your PC to the router's address +1 (in above example that would be and make sure the subnet mask is all being well you should now be able to see the router.

  CharlieB 19:56 27 Sep 2007

I mean that the router says that it is wired to the computer, but the Easy Install says that there's a problem conneting with the router, i.e. no data is being received to the computer from it.

Also the router is supposed to be used in conjunction with the modem rather than instead of it, so it told me to disconnect it and plug it into into the router, which i did.

The IP and gateway lines say:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 3:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Don't know whether that means anything to you =S

  Ashrich 20:11 27 Sep 2007


CharlieB said in his first post that because therewas no response from the ethernet port that the modem is now connected by USB ( sounds like a Voyage 205/210 or something similar )and adding a wireless router is quite normal to give a modem like that a wireless connection , obviously not with USB though ...


The standard Belkin login IP is


Have you had a look yet at whether the network port has been enabled in the bios or whether it is showing any signs of something wrong in Device manager .


  CharlieB 20:12 27 Sep 2007

First of all i'm sorry if i'm posting this and i've got a computer without an ethernet port or whatever (the technitions at PC World said that my computer would support the router).

The reason i'm saying this is because i did what you said and went into the integrated peripherals section. I found 2 serial ports but no printer port (which is odd because i do have a working printer =S) and no ethernet port.

I'm afraid i'm pretty much a technophobe here, but whether or not it's because the port at the back of my computer is a networking port rather than an ethernet port (i'm not really sure actually) is unclear. I'm not even sure what the difference between an ethernet and a networking port are. But if it makes any difference, the integrated peripherals section doesn't list a network port either. >_<

I'm pretty sure it isn't a built in modem port though, as when the broadband technition came round to set the modem up he called it an ethernet port (which was why i was inclined to believe it was one of these in the first place).

So i'm sorry i'm so bad at this >_<

  CharlieB 20:15 27 Sep 2007

I'm a her by the way, hence my bad computer skills ^_^ (no offence to any female computer technitions out there)

  CharlieB 20:22 27 Sep 2007

I tried doing what you said (as it seemed to make sense), but when i changed my computer's IP address it meant neither the router, or my computer could access the internet at all.

If it helps at all, my default IP Address is listed above in reply to brundle's post.

  Ashrich 21:03 28 Sep 2007

Ethernet or Network port , they're the same thing , if you have got one , it will be probably built in to the motherboard and will be visible from the back of the PC near the USB ports etc. . What make and model is your PC , I'll see if I can find any details about it and if possible any pictures to guide you if necessary , Oh , and I apologise for saying " his " didn't mean anything sexist !!! :)


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