computer wont bootafter cleaning cpu fan

  shauny36 20:11 18 Sep 2006

was cleaning the fan on my spare computer cause it was clogged up but when i went to start it, it powers up and fan is working ok but it wont boot up( was working 5 min earlier)it doesnt even beep, so i tried a diffent fan but still no joy.

any advice.

  skidzy 20:20 18 Sep 2006

Is the cpu clipped down securely....I take it you dismantled the heatsink from the processor.If so,did you use any more thermal paste.

  woodchip 20:20 18 Sep 2006

Check you have not disturbed Power plug from PSU to Mobo

  ICF 20:21 18 Sep 2006

Have you checked all cables are seated correctly same with memory?

  DieSse 21:31 18 Sep 2006

On older systems, working around the CPU area can readily result in contact problems with the CPU and its socket.

You should remove the fan/heatsink - lift the CPU locking lever and press it back down again, 3 or 4 times - at the same time gently pushing the CPU into the Socket. This cleans the contacts, which operate with a wiping motion when the lever is moved.

You'll then have to clean off the old thermal compound from the CPU and the heatsink, apply a very thin film of new compound, then refit the heatsink/fan. That's always cleared this type of problem for me.

It's also possible you may have disturbed the RAM, which is next door. This can be removed and refitted too, which usually clears any problems. But do the CPU first, as it's the most likely culprit.

  shauny36 18:54 20 Sep 2006

where can i buy the cpu paste from and how much.
why does it not beep.

will try reseating the cpu and memory and see if that does owt.

will let you na what happens.


  DieSse 22:02 20 Sep 2006

*where can i buy the cpu paste from and how much.*

A computer shop

*why does it not beep.*

The beep is to tell you is has completed all it's power-on self-tests (POST) succdessfully. If it doesn't beep, then they have failed.You don't always get an indication why they've failed, depending on exactly what failed and when and how.

Good luck with trying out the suggestions. Take care, and don't forget to unplug or switch off the mains before starting the work. That's not to protect you, it's to protect the components. Just switching off normally is not enough.

  keef66 10:16 21 Sep 2006

It usually comes in a little syringe for about a fiver.
Sometimes a replacement fan and heatsink comes complete with compound already applied to the base, or supplied in a tiny tube.

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