computer wont boot past 1st screen

  AB's 15:13 24 Mar 2007

I have been having probs with my comp keep freezing and going real slow [done full virus+spyware checks]so i decided to reinstall windows, it went thru the 1st part ok coppied all the files etc-saved config, then restarted, however thats when the problems started, it kept on restarting over a over, saying RESTARTING SETUP.. but setup would not begin, i tried taking out the windows disc, that didnt work i tried turning of the comp to try to restert it normally but it just kept restarting setup with nothing actually starting, so i tried changing the boot order, which is wher i compleatly screwed things up as now it will only go onto the 1st screen where it says press delete for setup, however nothing happens now when i press delete! i have even tried changing hard drives but the same happens, it goes to the 1st screen and stops, what have i done and how can i fix it? i have all my work on there which i need for Monday. please help

  rodriguez 15:22 24 Mar 2007

Sounds like a motherboard or other hardware problem, which could be making it freeze. Unplug all drives and all PCI cards so all you have plugged in is the power supply, processor, memory and graphics card. Plug in the monitor and power lead and switch it on (you can leave everything else for now). If it freezes again, see if you can get hold of spare parts to try. If none of the spare parts work, it could be the motherboard. If it gets past the first screen with everything unplugged, plug everything back in one by one until you find the component that's causing it to freeze.

To get your work back, plug the hard drive(s) into another computer and copy it off there. If you've reformatted the hard drive with the work on it, then it will have been deleted and you can try a recovery program to get it back (click here or click here).

  AB's 15:27 24 Mar 2007

yeh il give that a go thanx, i take by drives you mean cd/dvd drives, it was on boot from hdd.0 and i told it to boot from hdd.1 dont know if that makes it any clearer, also os was winxp sp2,

  AB's 15:35 24 Mar 2007

i have now managed to get into the bios screen to change back the boot order to hdd.0 and unpluged all other drives but it still wont boot any further than 1st screen?

  AB's 15:47 24 Mar 2007

i thought id found the problem, i think thr RAM wasnt loading, so ive changed that config, however i then got a boot error load system disc or something, i have a windows xp boot disc so i loaded that and it started going ok but it has now stopped again on -DOS] A:\> any ideas?

ps i dont have another comp to use the hdd as a slave on.

  rodriguez 16:01 24 Mar 2007

That boot error is what you want - it's because the hard drive's unplugged so it can't find Windows. Plug the hard drive back in and try to install Windows again - if the problem was with the RAM, this is probably what was causing it to restart before.

  AB's 16:04 24 Mar 2007

i have just tried to change the boot to 3 1/2 in floppy [A drive] but it will no longer allow me to go up to the floppy option! it wont go past something called LS120 ????? [the right hand bar is not at the top] shal i remove the lead to the floppy drive ? so i no longer have A:\ drive ? will this help.

  AB's 16:05 24 Mar 2007

i have plugged the original HDD back in thats the 1 i tried to reinstall on.

  AB's 16:29 24 Mar 2007

still the same !!!!!

  AB's 16:39 24 Mar 2007

how about enabling the ""reset configuration data"" in the bios....will that work... please help

  rodriguez 16:42 24 Mar 2007

You could try it, I think it will set everything back to it's factory settings. What does it actually do when you start the Windows installation process and how far does it get?

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