Computer won't boot up

  Silverworm 22:37 07 May 2009

When I press the on button on my computer, all the lights and the fan comes on, but then nothing else happens. The fan just stays on, and there is no signal going to the monitor.

I have a Compaq Presario SR1000.

Can anyone help?

  lotvic 22:52 07 May 2009

First check all the cabling is firmly in place.

It may be the computer is working normally but the cable to monitor is loose.

  Silverworm 23:07 07 May 2009

Yeah all of the cabling is fine. I'm sure there's something wrong with the actual computer because normally when I switch it on the fan comes on for about 2 seconds and then it boots up. But now the fan just stays on.

  lotvic 00:02 08 May 2009

does it have a separate graphics card or are you using motherboard 'onboard'?

If separate graphics card try taking it out and also reseat the ram and check cables inside pc.

disconnect the harddrive for now (to keep Data safe), you can reconnect it after you get signal to monitor back and manage to get through the BIOS post.

Could be a motherboard problem.

  Silverworm 00:11 08 May 2009

I think it has a separate one, it's a geforce 6200se, so it must be separate right? May I ask how the data from the hard drive could be lost if I don't disconnect it? And also, I've never opened up a computer before so is it just a case of unscrewing things and then putting it back in?

  lotvic 12:27 08 May 2009

Disconnecting the harddrive is just to 'take it out of the equation' for troubleshooting the no display on monitor

If you have absolutely no experience of the insides of a pc, then don't, unless you are willing to go on a big learning curve (and won't mind if it all goes pear-shaped)

If it is not the cables that are loose then I suggest you either ask a friend who has experience or take it to a pc shop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:22 08 May 2009

First unplug all USB devices and check no Disks in the CD/DVD drives.

  Silverworm 11:12 09 May 2009

Yeah I'm going to have take it to a computer shop.

Does anyone know how much getting a motherboard replaced will cost? I have a feeling that this has packed in. I just need a standard one to replace this one. Also, I have read somewhere that I may have to reinstall Windows etc. if I do change the motherboard. Is his true?

  Silverworm 11:15 09 May 2009

Oh and I'm not sure if there is a disk is the drive, as it won't open. Anyone have any idea on how to get it open?

  Silverworm 13:29 09 May 2009

Hmm it appears that my brother left a DVD inside the disk drive. Could this be the problem? Would I have to unscrew it to get the disk out?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:52 09 May 2009

a DVD inside the disk drive. Could this be the problem?


straighten out a paper clip (or similar) there should be a small hole just below the tray, push the paper clip into the hole and it will open the tray. You made need to push reasonably hard.

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