Computer will not start after overheat and replacement

  jessieharrison92 18:58 24 Jan 2015

I own a custom built gaming PC which has been running perfectly for over a year, but suddenly I began to have overheating problems. I checked online and all advice given suggested it might be the CPU that is overheating. So I opened up the computer and removed the heatsink and found that the thermal pad had turned into a dry crust that was barely present anymore, so I assumed this was the problem. Before the heat pad could arrive in the mail tho I went on the computer to transfer files just in case. While doing this the computer once again cut out. Usually I only had to turn the computer off at the plug and back on again for it to begin working, but now it did not start at all.

Looking at the motherboard there is the green power light glowing, so I know it is not a power failure, and have tried connecting the two power spikes with a screwdriver incase the power button had broken, but it did not work. All sources online suggested I needed a new CPU and heatsink, so I decided to buy a new one. I have installed the new one, and still get the green power light but it still will not turn on. There is no boot, the fans do not turn on, nothing. There is nothing online that I can find besides CPU overheating which matches these symptoms but I have replaced the CPU and heatsink.

Any ideas?

  nickf 19:33 24 Jan 2015

You may well have damaged motherboard . I have to say that it was very foolish to restart your PC after finding the poor condition . But it is an expensive lesson you have learnt . I would purchase a cheap motherboard to use as a test bed , and don't use a thermal pad , use a good quality thermal paste . You will find plenty of videos on you tube on how to do this correctly .

  jessieharrison92 20:15 26 Jan 2015

I have replaced the motherboard and everything is still the same. The green power LED on the motherboard is lit but the computer will not boot whatsoever when pressing the power button.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 26 Jan 2015

the PSU may be faulty just giving out enough to light the leds but not enough to power the board or drives.

try disconnect the power and dat cables to all drives disconnect the usb headers etc,

i.e. trie with just cpu and ram and grphics card hopefully it will boot to an error message on the screen.

  jessieharrison92 22:50 26 Jan 2015

Thank you for the response, but I have just tried that under your suggestion and it is still behaving exactly the same. Nothing but the green motherboard light. I do not know if there is any more detail i can give that can help.

  jessieharrison92 16:56 27 Jan 2015

Would like a bit more confidence in it being a PSU issue before I spend money on the part. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 27 Jan 2015

you have new motheboard CPU and heatsink the board should power if they are all OK if no fans or drives attempting to run the only component is PSU youo could try a good psu from a working PC but its a lot of trouble to swap over.

  intoblue 10:53 29 Jan 2015

Unless your computer has the ability to shut down if critical temperatures are reached AND that was enabled at an appropriate level, it's possible something fried and caused the shut down. Did you notice any warning messages on the monitor before it shut down?

Does it make any sounds when it boots up? One or more beeps? Long beeps? Short beeps? The sequence of beeps can help with troubleshooting. Notice anything on the monitor? Tried another monitor? If you have onboard video and a video card, try the other one.

EDIT: "boots up" probably wasn't well put - I should have said do you hear any beeps when you turn on the computer.

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