Computer will not start

  zipman 11:32 13 Oct 2008

Just a quick question, can anybody tell me what 8 bleeps mean on my desktop computer when i try to power it up, it will not go past the bleeps.

Thank You

  birdface 12:49 13 Oct 2008

Maybe your video card going with here or maybe a stick key on your keyboard.

  Rahere 13:01 13 Oct 2008

yup this is a video memory problem.

assuming it's not built into the motherboard and if you are up to it try removing and reconnecting the graphics card.

disconnect the power lead, open case, touch case to disperse static, detach the VGA cable, remove the graphics card carefully (you usually need to remove a screw to do this). Gently blow/brush away any dust on it and in the case too. Touch case to disperse static, now reinsert card carefully, check the graphics card is seated properly, replace screw, replace cover, attach VGA cable, reconnect power lead and try to boot again.

  zipman 11:01 14 Oct 2008

Thanks very much for your reply's I will have a go at your suggestions at the weekend, when i have more time , Thanks

  setecio 11:31 14 Oct 2008

Also, if the above doesn't work, remove it completely and try reverting to the onboard video.

  zipman 12:49 14 Oct 2008

Hello setecio, how do i revert back to the onboard video, if i have not got anywere to plug the cable into ?

Thank You

  woodchip 13:02 14 Oct 2008

Look for a VGA socket smae socket as the one that the Monitor is pluged into. It will be with all other sockets if there is one. Only do this with the Mains Plug removed from Wall sockets. Failing that you will need to buy a new Graphics card

  zipman 08:11 15 Oct 2008

Thanks for all the help, i removed the card,brushed it over and re-installed. Hey presto away it went. Thank You

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