Computer will not post

  Star5 22:13 02 Mar 2007

ok first off i'll give you a quick spec rundown.

CPU - intel C2d e6600
MOBO - BFG Nforce 680i
RAM - OCZ DDR2 PC28500
PSU - Corsair HX620w
GPU - ATI x1900xtx
HDD - Seagate barracuda 320gb 7200.10 sata

anything i've missed out that may help just gimmie a shout.

anyway lets get started, i had a pc with similar spec but the PSU took out the mobo, so i replaced the mobo and power supply, didnt know if it had effected the ram or cpu, so anyway i fitted it all together, powered on, you here it power up lights and fans spin up etc but nothing no post. no boot.
so i assume it was either the ram or the cpu as the rest was either new or working fine, well with no way to tell which one, i have bought both with the intention of just selling on the part thats not neccessary.
anyway so i'm sitting here with a practicly new pc, except the graphics card and HDD which i know work fine.

yet it still will not even post, just the exact same problem, i have been over it checked its all connected up properly put in both sticks of ram, put them in individually, different slots... nothing...
cleared CMOS, again nothing.
tryed different graphics cards, still nothing.

the board (bfg 680i) has a diagnostic LCD but it does not show any error codes just --, not very helpful.

i really am loosing hope here, i'm just completely lost and dont know where to turn next.
reckon i could have received a duff peice of equipment? or am i just missing something?

just looking for opinions on what the probable cause is here, or things i could try to solve it but, it does feel like a lost cause here, i reckon its time to hand it over to a shop to test all the parts but i could really do without the expense, but if thats what i need to do then thats what i need to do.

please, any help will be greatly appreciated.

  sean-278262 22:27 02 Mar 2007

Have you tried putting things back into the old computer?

Check the power supply is fully connected into the connection slot. Not sure about the ones these days but there used to be a separate supply for processors to use.

  phono 22:30 02 Mar 2007

Are all the required power connectors in place?
as I see from the specs that the mobo has, 1 x 4-pin Molex Auxiliary Power connector, 1 x 24-pin ATX Power connector and 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector.

  Star5 22:49 02 Mar 2007

yes all power connectors have been connected, the extra molex connector is to help provide extra power to the graphics cards, and i have connected it up. quite curious as to why its needed though, especially when most recent card come with there own additional power connectors, but thats another subject all together ;)

old PSU blew the old mobo.
so i really only have this mobo to try, thats why i'm finding it so difficult i just dont have the back up parts to test the new stuff individually to see which one, or even if any of them are causing the problem.

  phono 22:55 02 Mar 2007

Have you tried the bare minimum of just mobo, CPU, RAM and video card connected to see if it POSTs?

If not, try that and get back, are there any beeps at all? If so, how many and in what sequence?

  Star5 23:34 02 Mar 2007

just tryed bare minimum, still no post.
getting no beeps, but then i dont think this mobo uses beeps for error codes as i mentioned earlier it uses this led system to give you error codes but i dont get any codes just --

  sean-278262 00:22 03 Mar 2007

Not to offend but did you connect an on board speaker to the board. It may be able to output codes to one but it not be connected.

What exactly happens when you press the power key. Seems like a very odd problem.

  phono 00:25 03 Mar 2007

Without access to a lot of specialist equipment, read that as expensive, the only other way to diagnose this sort of problem is by substitution of known working parts, that's fine if you are a large company or have free access to various PC parts, not so for mere mortals.

Unfortunately this is probably the major drawback with a self build or self repair, if you get a duff component you are "snookered", so to speak.

Do you have access to another system in which you could test the RAM, CPU and video card? Without this sort of access there is no easy way of finding the faulty component(s), the problem you describe could be the result of a faulty mobo, RAM, CPU or video card, not to mention PSU, if you are able to test these components in another system you can at least narrow the problem down.

  Forum Editor 00:55 03 Mar 2007

as the cause of the problem - the POST runs before it is activated. That's why you normally hear beeps - there's no video to give you visual information. Modern video cards have their own onboard BIOS, and once the computer's POST has run successfully the system BIOS looks for the video card and executes its BIOS.

The most common cause of POST failures is system RAM problems. Have you double-checked to make sure that all RAM modules are properly seated in their slots?

A basic question, but one worth asking, nevertheless - have you tried replacing the CMOS battery?

  User-312386 01:41 03 Mar 2007

Are you sure the case connectors are the corrct way round?

When i fisrt started building, i had the case connectors to MOBO the wrong way round, hence no POST

Check and double check them

  phono 19:16 03 Mar 2007

Good point FE and quite correct of course.

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