Computer will not keep its display settings

  Nightmanager 23:59 13 Apr 2004

I have a computer made by Tiny, which has a graphics card in a PCI slot as opposed to being onboard graphics. The computers sees the card and says it is working properly, yet each time I input the display settings to give me a normal screen resolution, the computer says I must restart the PC for the changes to take affect, when I click yes to this, the PC shuts down, starts back up and the changes take place on start up, but as soon as the machine has finished booting up, the screen reverts back to basic colours and minimum resolution. What are the likely causes please

  hugh-265156 00:29 14 Apr 2004

what operating system, size of monitor,graphics card,computer model do you have and what screen resolution,refresh rate ammount of colours are you trying to set to give you a "normal screen resolution"? may help.

have you tried updating/reinstalling the drivers for graphics card?

  Nightmanager 00:35 14 Apr 2004

Running Windows ME, have tried various monitors, graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 100/200,
Have tried minimum and mid range resolutions, not touched any refresh rates and have tried both 256 colulrs and 16bit. Not tried to reinstall drivers yet, as the PC said everything was OK.

  BlueMeanie 22:35 15 Apr 2004

I've known a similar problem. It was the incorrect drivers installed, (regardless of Windows claiming they were OK). I even seem to think that it was the same graphics card, and I have to try one or two different drivers until I found the right one.
All the best.

  Nightmanager 22:44 15 Apr 2004

Thanks bluemeanie/huggyg71 and everyone else, I think the reloading of the correct driver has to be the way to go, as I have tried and failed with all the other suggestions

  hugh-265156 23:42 15 Apr 2004

you still have two threads going click here

has installing the driver fixed it?

  Nightmanager 00:19 16 Apr 2004

I wont know until the morning as I have just got hold of the drivers and the PC is at home, not at work

  hugh-265156 00:34 16 Apr 2004

i was going to ask why it has taken you from 15:32 untill now to install the drivers.

your username says it all.dont work to hard :-)

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