computer will not boot up

  fat willie 00:37 13 Apr 2003

computer powers up but will not boot up cannot get into bois or anything.can anyone heop

  tell 04:15 13 Apr 2003

do you have a spare graphics card you could try also you could try a spare memory stick if available.
if you have these items then I would suggest you remove all cards from the mobo then with just graphics and a stick of memory try to boot,
just a thought did you by any chance change any settings in the bios imediatley before failure.
post back to let us know

  MPete 04:17 13 Apr 2003

If it's failing to post. meaning that you can't even get into the bios to fix it. Chances are there is something wrong with one of your memory sticks or even the proccesor may need to be reseated. Remove and reinstall them very carefully.

#2 your bios is dead.... No fix. Your done if that's the case unless your one of the lucky ones that has duel bios's.

Can't be the battery because the bios will still post with a dead battery but the keyboard will not work.

What did you do exactly just before this happened? Your not telling us the whole story. Come on spit it out. If you did nothing suspect the power supply.

  Kyomii 04:49 13 Apr 2003

A dead BIOS battery can cause the system not to boot, although you will have had signs of the battery failing such as incorrect date/time on bootup and CMOS checksum errors.

When the power turns on, are there any lights on the system (hard drive etc)?

Do you hear the power supply fan? The power supply isn' dead otherwise you would get nothing, zero, zilch, but it is possible that it could be faulty.

It is also possible that the motherboard could be shorting, or that a weak spot on the motherboard which become worse is causing the system not to boot as it is unable to carry the signal.

A power surge is also another possibility, as is memory, graphics or CPU, or a dead CPU fan - but more information before system did not respond would be helpful. :)

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