Computer will not boot with 80 Drive Cables

  gaynes1cove 19:19 13 Jun 2003

I am using a 1.7 Athlon with an MST KT333 motherboard and 512mb ram, a Hercules Kyro 4500 AGP graphics card, running Windows 2000 with the Support Pack 3. The Hard Drives are a Maxtor 7200 20gb and Quantum Fireball lct 15 20 60gb. When starting up, the startup screen shows that the first drive is mode 4 and the second is mode 6.

If I use an 80 ribbon conductor cable from the motherboard to the drives, I get problems in that the computer will not boot, gives a BSOD and an error code 0000221 which says I should disable all caching and shadowing in the bios. After numerous fiddling around with this and going into safe mode, which takes an awful long time to come up, sometimes cutting off before it comes to completion, then the computer does a scandisk and sometimes it will boot. I have reformatted and reloaded windows more than once, but still get the fault.

I have tried four different 80 conductor cables, including two round ones and still get this fault. If I replace the 80 ribbon cable with a 40 cable the system works normally and I can use it without any bother, except that at startup the screen runs through OK and says that there is no 80 cable fitted.

I am advised that I should use an 80 cable. Does it make any difference that It works with a 40 and not with an 80 cable.

  Rtus 20:19 13 Jun 2003

Can we assume your using both Hard drives on the same Ide channel (IDE1)..If so can you just add the 80 ribbon IDE cable to the port you wish to use but only put the 1 drive on it (Master) to start with and boot back after trying that if you will.

  -pops- 20:21 13 Jun 2003

The cables are direction sensitive. Are certain you have them connected the correct way round? It is convention that the blue plug goes to the motherboard, the main "C" drive on the end and any other (slave) drive on the middle (grey) connector.


  DieSse 20:27 13 Jun 2003

As -pops- says, it is essential the cables go the correct way round - they won't work the wrong way round, due to a cut wire that identifies it as an 80-way cable.

If the connectors are not colour coded, the end that goes on the motherboard is the end with the longest gap to the middle connector.

  gaynes1cove 06:34 14 Jun 2003

The drive cables are fitted the correct way round, with the blue contact going to the mother board. The other ends are marked with a label that states master and slave respectively,and connected to the IDE 1. I have cdrom and CDwriter attached to the IDE 2.with a round 80 connecter cable that does not cause any problems.
I will will try the suggestion of "Rtus" to only connect the master drive to see what happens.Many thanks.

  DieSse 10:12 14 Jun 2003

How are the hard drives jumpered - Master and Slave, or Cable Select - if on Cable Select, they must both be set to Cable Select with an 80-wire cable. Then the one on the end connector will be the Master, and the middle connector the Slave.

If set to Master and Slave, it doesn't matter which one is on which connector.

  gaynes1cove 15:06 14 Jun 2003

The master drive is set to master and the slave drive to slave on the jumpers. I have tried only connecting the master but still get the same fault when using the 80 cable. The cables are the correct way round with the blue end going to the motherboard.
Still using a 40 strand connector.

  Rtus 23:44 14 Jun 2003

cant find your exact (At least not a 60gb)model but pin guide here.. click here

  gaynes1cove 17:40 15 Jun 2003

Many thanks to Rtus. I think it is now resolved by changing the jumpers to cable select. I have problems intermitently in that it sometimes does not boot when starting from cold, but it I restart it loads and starts OK.

  Rtus 21:41 15 Jun 2003

just a thought does the cdrw drive use adaptecs easy cd / direct cd (udf software)? and have you set it as master on the IDE2 channel ?

  DieSse 23:00 15 Jun 2003

Can't affect booting tho'.

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