Computer whine/noise.

  Dinkenor 12:15 01 Jan 2003
  Dinkenor 12:15 01 Jan 2003

I have a pretty new computer running Windows XP Home edition. The other day I turned it off for a few days, rather than let it go on running, as is my usual way. When I booted it up again it made a fairly loud whining noise, then settled down to a quiet but still noticeable whine. I can now and then detect a variation in this sound. Can anyone tell me if it is likely that my Hard Disc is about to die? I have already backed up all my Documents. I have been told that my pre-installed XP Home edition does not have a full backup facility - for system stuff etc. Help!

Any suggestions on both these questions (Noise problem and Full Backup) would be mightily appreciated.


  Paul2002 12:23 01 Jan 2003

Noisy fan?

  Gongoozler 12:26 01 Jan 2003

Dinkenor, the usual guilty component in these cases is the cpu cooling fan, but the only way you can be certain is to remove the computer cover and listen. My favourite way of doing this is to make a tube by rolling up a sheet of A4 paper into a tube about 2cm diameter. I put one end to my ear and wave the other end around inside the computer until I have located the source of the noise. Any similar tube will do, but I like to use paper because it is fairly non conducting, and if it hits a moving part it will collapse rather than do any damage.

  firstagent 12:27 01 Jan 2003

I guess it could be a numbe rof things, but the most likely is probably a fan. Perhaps one is working at all, or more likely is slow to get going.
The best thing is to open the panel and look inside when you reboot to see if you can locate the area. Look for a fan near graphics card, on the motherboard or the power supply unit. Take all the necessary precautions.

I had this with an Evesham and it was the fan. They swapped the motherboard with an upgrade version no problem.

  firstagent 12:27 01 Jan 2003


  Dinkenor 12:53 01 Jan 2003

Noisy fan, eh? Now why didn't i think of that!
Thanks to Paul2002.Gongoosler and Firstagent. I will do as you say. Must learn not to panic.


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