computer way too slow, bios discrepancy

  square eyes 22:35 11 Jun 2005

Trying to solve my mums problem with her computer. Its a packard bell its about 2 years old now. WindowsXP, AMD Athlon XP2200+, 1.8ghz, 256mb ram.

I know this isnt very much ram and im pretty sure it could do with at least 512,but.. when i went to, some of the results said that there was a discrepancy in the amount of ram that windows was reporting(256)to the amount that the bios was reporting(512). It made reference to a bios update but dont really want to go down that route especialy as its not old.

The symptoms are a very slow computer with normal bootup which seems to take longer than my very old laptop used to take also with opening folders etc, just very slow,

One major point is that sometimes it restarts with a serious recovery error, this isn't all the time though. It's kept virus free and up-to-date so im not sure what it can be.

Can little ram cause errors in restarts?

Any help apreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:56 11 Jun 2005

Everest Home Edition click here
try this and see how much RAM is reported.

Use Crap Cleaner click here to clear out temporary folders and clear the HDD of junk files Scan for issues to clean the registry safe to delete anything CCleaner finds.

Scan and defrag the HDD then see if its made any difference.

More RAM will definately speed up applications as 256 is low for XP.

  square eyes 23:04 11 Jun 2005

thankyou fruitbat, will give that a go

  square eyes 23:37 12 Jun 2005

I tried all that was suggested but is still as slow.
I tried to update the graphics driver and that caused a serious recovery restart.
The computer is still as it was when bought with all the preloaded software, so i think its time to wipe the "slate" clean and reintall system with just the neccessary driver and software.
With so many different programs is gonna be hard to find the problem.
Im unable to do anything now as i havent got access to it but will reinstall next time i visit in a few weeks.

Perhaps i leave the thread open.....


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