computer very slow and keeps freezing

  liloldlady 11:57 11 Sep 2008

Hi, My laptop which is one year old and running on vista home kept freezing, so i istalled the free version of AVG and ran a virus check, it picked up a few problems and got rid of them, however my laptop is even worse now. It keeps freezing and takes 10 minutes just to restart/..... Any suggestions please,Thanks.

  User-1229748 12:09 11 Sep 2008

if you havn't already i would download and run ccleaner and see if that helpsclick here

  Marko797 12:11 11 Sep 2008

in addition, I would advise getting antispyware and running that too,if u haven't already.
SuperAntiSpyware - free
Malwarebytes Anti Malware - free

  provider 2 12:15 11 Sep 2008

Could be several things but could you tell us what make of laptop it is and which version of Vista?

Also, can you bring up Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), left-click Processes and tell us if anything is hogging CPU usage?

  liloldlady 12:23 11 Sep 2008

OK and thanks I will try all these things, Provider2, I will try yur suggestion when I have finished scanning with avg...It will be another hour or so then I will get back to you.....

  provider 2 12:27 11 Sep 2008


I`m not going to be very popular round here for saying this, but I`m guessing AVG 8.0 may well be the problem.

Anyhow ... later.

  Covergirl 12:55 11 Sep 2008

Try running MSCONFIG from a system prompt, then "Disable All" on the Startup tab.

This will prevent all your startup programs launching on startup.

(Sounds like you weren't running any AV prior to your AVG installation so disabling everything including AV shouldn't be a problem.)

Your restart time should now be a lot faster and you may still have AVG Scan as a right click option in Explorer.

This may help your system response times and facilitate a remedy via other suggestions.

  p;3 13:15 11 Sep 2008

As machines tend to come pre-loaded with an antivirus program (usually Norton), what program was on yours and did you activate it and run scans with it ? Prior to installing the avg 8.0 free ( which IMHO is NOT computer -friendly ) did you UNinstall whatever av program was on there? Have you also checked to see if avg8.0 is compatible with your windows version?

Alos , please be aware of what is in the avg8.0 'package' as parts of it too may conflict with your windows version; you may wish to uninstall avg8.0 and maybe install avast ?

Please also tell us ALL the protection programs you do have so we can see if you have major conflicts on there

  p;3 17:47 12 Sep 2008

I hope that , after so long, you are still not scanning your computer with avg.....

  liloldlady 09:20 13 Sep 2008

Thank you so much everyone, I have finaly got it working after a hell of a lot of problems. I will try and explain as I am not very computer literate. At first the laptop got worse and worse, taking 20 mins. just to do each command. then the cd/dvd player wouldn't work, then the keyboard was typing strange letters and numbers,I managed to back up all my important files onto a flash stick which took 2 hours just for 120 MG of data,then it completely froze again, I eventually decided to replace windows but of course my cd player wasn't working so I couldn't use the disk I had got with the laptop so I saw in the booklet to re-start and press F8, this would not work either because the keyboard was heywire!!!!!! after several hours of re-staring and pressing any old key I finaly got the black screen with white writing and just guessed what to do, eventually I got it right and somehow it replaced windows, tobe honest I am ot exactly sure what I did or how I did it but all I know is that it stated up again with a clean hardrive. So everthing is working fine again and the cd player is working as is everything else. I don't know what on earth happenned but I won't be downloading avg again although I have used it before on old computers ad it was no problem, do you think it is no good with vista?....Thanks again for all your help but I have no virus protection now, there is a norton trial on the laptop but I can't afford right now to buy a proper program as I am skint??? are there any more free ones out there......

  provider 2 10:35 13 Sep 2008


What an extraordinary story! Needless to say, though, I am impressed. Despite your claim to being "not very computer literate", I think you could teach me a thing or two. Either that, or your restoration of the OS has been done with divine guidance!

Can I say that I suspect the slowness of your (initially), may have been largely due to the combination of Norton and Vista bells and whistles.

Then, having downloaded another AV program you have set up a conflict that must have slowed your system to a crawl. I would suggest that you uninstall Norton straight away using this tool: click here NOT Add/Remove programs.

After that, if you have Ccleaner, run it and the Registry Cleaner option too.

Next install Avast! 4.8 free which you can obtain from here:click here making sure it is the free one, not the free trial or Professional.

Whist AVG 7.5 was an excellent AV, I think AVG 8.0 is a very different proposition ... `nuff said about that for the moment.

Come back and let us know how you get on ... forgot to say you will need to register Avast! but that`s not for payment but so that they can have some idea of how many people are using it.

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