Computer very slow and freezing

  hoopschick 23:11 25 Apr 2004

Hi I have been having problems with my computer performance for a while so came on to this site to see whether there was any postings to help. I clicked on a link (what works?) and began reading about what is running on my task manager - horrific reading! i found 5 x SVCHOst 32 and RUNDLL32 which i take to mean i have any number of viruses which would explain the problems with my pc. what do i do now please help

  harps1h 23:20 25 Apr 2004

first step would be to install an anti virus to check your theory

  tony1160 23:21 25 Apr 2004

there not causing your problem,their different system files, what you doing when pc stops working?

  lucky1 23:27 25 Apr 2004

Probably stating the obvious, but have you defragged recently? What OS are you using?

  lucky1 23:29 25 Apr 2004

Could also be a memory issue.

  Dan the Confused 23:59 25 Apr 2004

Might be spyware or adware. Try downloading and running Ad-Aware (Lavasoft) and Spybot S&D (can't remember where from, try google). Update them first before running them, very important.

RUNDLL32 makes me think you have something nasty on your system, perhaps even a layered service provider (hope not!).

Good luck :)

  hoopschick 00:58 26 Apr 2004

Thanks for all your replies I hope i can give all the info you highlighted
My PC doesn't stop working completely but have been having to hit control alt delete an awful lot lately. My docs files are playing up freezing or not responding.
I defrag regularly today being the latest use disklite
My memory shows that i have 3/4 free space
I have Norton anti virus. Firewall and also pop up stopper so i thought i was well covered
and lastly what do you mean by layered system - that sounds painful!
any further thoughts will be gratefully received thankyou

  Dan the Confused 01:29 26 Apr 2004

Don't worry about the jargon. RUNDLL32 is often used by nasty software to send and receive data over the net without your knowledge. Sometimes it's called hijack software and comes in various forms. It can often cause slow-downs and crashes as well.

Use Ad-aware and Spybot like I said to check your system for this kind of software. It will find it and (usually) be able to remove it.

That said, your problem may be nothing to do with it but it's well worth doing regularly anyway.

Let me know how you get on ;)

  hugh-265156 01:34 26 Apr 2004

go to click here click "scan for updates" and i suggest you download and install everything that is listed as critical or security related.

next try running a disk cleanup and start/my computer and right click your hard drive/properties/general and click the disk cleanup tab and run it.

next click the tools tab and then click "defragment now" and run defrag(may take a sure to shut down any programs running before running this as they may interfere with the process just in case)

adaware and spybot can be downloaded from click here click here download and install both the update them and run a scan with each one.anything they find will be safe to remove if you use the default settings.

also as above,i would suggest running a virus check.avg antivirus is free and very good click here also update this after install and run a full scan with it.if it finds anything delete it.if you are having problems deleting anything disable system restore and then run a scan.

another good little tool is spywareblaster click here install and update this after all the will then help stop spyware even getting installed in the first place.

ps.cleanup click here is free and does a better job at getting rid of junk that windows own disk cleanup misses.

may be of some use to you.

my problem was similar.decided it could be overheating.covers off, cleaned fans ,carefully vacuumed dust from inside,problem solve

  spuds 10:46 26 Apr 2004

Download Stinger and run a check, it recently found a virus on my computer, which other checks missed. It's free from here click here

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