computer used to boot up but won't turn on now

  Tombojo 20:29 12 Feb 2003

i recently got a modem for another computerso to install it i removed the case of my machine and inserted the card, it began to boot up for no reason so i removed the power cable and since that it hasn't booted up

  graham 20:43 12 Feb 2003

Connect the power cable?

  graham 20:48 12 Feb 2003

Just re-read your thread - did you insert the card with power on, then disconnected the power when it was booting? I think you've frightened it to death!

  pj123 22:56 12 Feb 2003

What? Can you explain it a bit better than that?

  DieSse 23:11 12 Feb 2003

If you plug in a card with the power connected (as you clearly did) - then you've probably blown your motherboard.

I had a friend who did this recently, with a sound card. What you need to realise (sorry, it's too late now), is that just a normal power down does not remove power from the motherboard. Only the switch on the power supply, or better still, unplugging the mains cable, can remove all power from the motherboard.

  woodchip 23:20 12 Feb 2003

I did that with a graphics card no prob, wonder if mine is different. As you say all power should be removed for safety. shall be more careful from now on

  DieSse 23:34 12 Feb 2003

No, yours is no different - all ATX powered systems are the same (the old AT powewred systems are different - the front switch is nearly always a real mains switch).

You were just lucky - clearly Tombojo did something much unluckier - witnessed by the fact that what he did caused the motherboard to actually switch on.

  woodchip 23:46 12 Feb 2003

Glad I that you answered the above with what you said as I did not think. I must be slowing down

  bloo meeny 23:51 12 Feb 2003

As already said, when installing cards to any ATX format machine, you MUST power down AND UNPLUG the power cord !!!

Some motherboards operate on a 3.3 volt standby to PCI standard v2.2 - meaning that just plugging in a card can cause the motherboard to power up.

I too found out the hard way !!!!
My new graphics card survived....
The motherboard and the PSU didn't :o(

To those for whom it isn't too late - BE WARNED !

  Tombojo 17:46 14 Feb 2003

i left the computer completely isolated from the mains at night then plugged it in the next morning as it used to do it began to boot up, but it just sat there not giving out a video signal. could i have by chance erased the info on the bios chip some how? this would explain ist idle state?

  professor 17:17 15 Feb 2003

hold on youre all over the place

first thing is first give your pc some tlc open it up(but take the power out first) and look at all the settings make shure they are all correct still and nothing bad has happened inside leave it disconnected for a day then plug it up again and to be safe as you may well of somhow magaged it i would find the latest BIOS for your board and flash it with the new code.

everyone always seems scared to do flashing but its simple all youve got to do is make absolutely shure you have the correct BIOS for your board.(and thats not hard ppl!!all youve got to do is use common sense and your eyes!) here is a tip though make a note if the .bin file exactly as you seeit otherwise the flash procedure probably wont work it never normally does-saves you having to reboot the pc look at the file and do it again


oh change your cpu voltage to a lower setting and turn it on if it works fine if not put it back to normal the reason for this is that by doing it you can "jolt" your pc back to life-somtimes

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