Computer upgrade

  jimd 16:08 14 Jul 2009

I'm having to upgrade my computer,replacement motherboard,memory,graphics,and processor.
also adding a new larger hard drive.
I have a number of Hard drives that I can fit into the rebuilt computer. question I have is what is the best arrangement for the drives?
1. windows installation on a drive of it's own, and other drives for applications, data and back up.
2. windows and applications on one drive and seperate drives for data and back up.
3. any other combination set up you suggest.

  OTT_Buzzard 16:18 14 Jul 2009

It depends on how much data you have, how much performance you want from the PC and if you want any redundancy in the system.

Your option 1 would probably give the better performance for the system as a whole.
As an option 3 and 4 drives you could think about a striped mirrored array, which would give you sme redundancy in case of a drive failure.

  canarieslover 16:19 14 Jul 2009

There's not much point in having you applications on a seperate hard drive as you would still have to re-install them if your Windows drive failed due to the programs all having keys in the registry. By all means keep all your data on a seperate drive and if you have third drive use that to do back-ups for your system.

  jimd 16:32 14 Jul 2009

I can have 5 drives in total four of which are identical 160gb and the new larger one is 1.5TB.

  woodchip 16:46 14 Jul 2009

If you do as you say. And I would do it like that, but use Acronis to make a Image now and again of C:\ drive with OS on it, this would then keep your programs working if you add any problems with the OS drive. I use Acronis to make Images

  jimd 16:52 14 Jul 2009

Yes I use acronis and have images of all my drives, but which of the options is best?

  woodchip 17:01 14 Jul 2009

Put you OS on First Drive and Programs on other, using custom install

  woodchip 17:03 14 Jul 2009

You could and it would be better if the OS Partition was not too big. But you do need to allow for it to Expand due to loading Software on the other Drive etc and working room for Windows

  jimd 17:39 14 Jul 2009

Thanks , so if i put the OS on it's own on one of the smaller drives. partition it to allow say 80GB. use the rest as a logical drive for downloads.
then have the large drive for programs and data again partitioned.
and maybe use the other drives just for backup and maybe a striped mirrored array as suggested above . would that work?

  woodchip 17:54 14 Jul 2009

yes, it would also be faster to create and restore a image of the os

  jimd 23:14 14 Jul 2009

Thank you very much

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