Computer Upgrade??

  sirles1 20:33 27 Jun 2008

I have a k7n2g-ilsr motherboard currently on 1gb(2x512mb)ddr sdram ram of memory. I am not sure whether to upgrade my computer or not. My motherboard can take a total of 3gb ram but I'm not sure if that is enough for todays software. Most computers these days have 8gb memory(will we ever use that much?).
I use my computer mainly for downloading and burning music and films and may play the occassional games such as football and racing simulation! My motherboard has six memory banks and takes memory with 184 pins and there is 3 slots. However, I do not know what "banks" means and it is also dual. Does dual mean having to have the same size memory side by side eg 512x512, 1gbx1gb, 2gbx2gb and so on? If so, how do you get a total of 3gb?
Please help before I part my hard earned cash!

  Halmer 20:40 27 Jun 2008
  Halmer 20:41 27 Jun 2008
  MarvintheAndroid 23:22 27 Jun 2008


This varies with motherboards, some are more fussy than others, so no promises - but you should be able to put different amounts of memory into the two channels and it will still work. I have used 512 Mb sticks in each of three slots and it still operated in dual channel mode. It is worth making sure the memory all has the same CAS, timing etc - in fact, match it as closely as possible.

"Banks" is a teminology used to determine how much memory can be accessed by the system bus in a single read cycle. On a 32bit system, 1 bank will be 32 bits. As DIMM memory modules are 64bit, each module (which takes up one memory slot) is 2 banks. In the real world we don't worry about this, but instead count the physical slots.


  lotvic 23:37 27 Jun 2008

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