Computer upgrade

  carryduff 19:29 20 Apr 2008

My computer is over 7 years old and despite the usual defraging, registry cleaning, complete windows reinstall etc, is getting slower by the day. As the system is very basic; 1000mh Intel Celeron processor, FR33E mother board with 2x 256mb of memory and a 20GB hard drive, I wondered if a few upgrades would justify the expense. I can get 2x500mb memory sticks and a 80/100GB hard drive for around £50 and would welcome any suggestions or advice as to my best options. Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:43 20 Apr 2008

The extra RAM would be helpful as would another hard drive. I'd suggest you should do a clean install on the XP on the 20gb drive and leave it for installation of programs etc. Keep your data on the new drive.

As for the expense, well, it depends on when you want to get another machine or if this one does what you expect of it.

  dan** 21:41 20 Apr 2008

I doubt your motherboard would support a 80/100GB hard drive, it just has an ATA66 IDE controller.

If you have an operating system disk, this might interest you. click here

  carryduff 22:11 20 Apr 2008

Hi dan,the barebones bundle is certainly worth thinking about although I'm not sure if I have enough know how to complete the build. What exactly would I need to finish it?

  Quiller. 22:28 20 Apr 2008

Just use your existing components, for the time being.

It has on-board graphics, so no card needed for the time being.

Use your 20 GB hard drive and cd/dvd rom/writer.

the motherboard has 2 old style PCI slots, so that would take any add on cards.

You would just have to re-install the operating system and drivers.

  Quiet Life 22:40 20 Apr 2008

You would certainly notice a difference with the above suggestion as Celeron's are really very slow and although your bios would have a limit on additional harddrive size it could be got round with a dynamic drive overlay but really it is not worth spending anything on your present system.

  GaT7 00:57 21 Apr 2008

Please ignore the following if your OS is a RETAIL version.

However, if your present OS has an OEM licence, you would not be able to get a barebones system & reinstall the OS on it, as this would be illegal click here. Instead, you would need to buy a fresh copy of of XP/Vista, which is an additional expense of £50-60. So the barebones system with separate OS would come to ~£175-185. Btw, this has only 1Gb RAM, no DVD-rw drive & your old low capacity 20Gb hard drive.

Thus, if you have that kind of money to spend, get a brand new complete & readymade dual-core PC with 2Gb RAM, a bigger hard drive, DVD-rw drive & a licensed OS, etc. Couple to consider:

• Dell Vostro 200 MT (with choice of XP/Vista & a 1-year warranty) click here = £188

• IQON QUINTAL 2028VX (with Vista only & a 3-month warranty) click here = £190

"My computer is over 7 years old" - don't tell me you've got Win98/Me installed?! If you do, make the change to XP/Vista NOW! Ideally you'll need 1Gb & 2Gb RAM for XP & Vista respectively. G

  dan** 06:57 21 Apr 2008

'although I'm not sure if I have enough know how to complete the build.'

If you have a retail version of windows or want to use a free operating system ( Linux ). In basic terms it would just need your hard drive and optical drive to be moved over and a fresh copy of the operating system put on.

  kdt 08:22 21 Apr 2008

hi dan like carryduff I have also been thinking what to do. had w98,then w2k now xp pro on 500mhz 320mb dell also got spare new retail xp home. think better of buying vostro ? what to do with my retail xp pro?

  carryduff 10:21 21 Apr 2008

Thanks everyone for all your comments and ideas, it's certainly given me plenty to think about. Will consider all options and make a decision soon.

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