Computer Tutorials With Pics - not words (free)

  Karakorum 11:57 29 Aug 2007

Tutorials for:

Microsoft Office Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher Base, Calc, Impress, Writer

Web Layout Dreamweaver, HTML & CSS

Web Graphics Photoshop Elements, Fireworks

Web Programming MySQL Basics, PHP Basics, Perl Basics

Click this link to go to [url=click here]In Pictures[/url] website.

  Karakorum 12:02 29 Aug 2007

Sorry about the layout of my post above

There should have been side headings of
Microsoft Office
Web Layout
Web Graphics
Web Programming

Also the Link should have been clearer, but you don't seem to get a preview of your post to check layout etc on this forum. Bit of a nuisance. Also no edit capability as far as I can see. Oh well!

  recap 12:51 29 Aug 2007

To insert a 'click here' all you need to do is copy and paste the URL into the message body. No need for the start and end tags.

  Karakorum 18:46 29 Aug 2007


Yes, I've figured that out thanks.

I wonder why they don't let you preview and edit your posts here. - Seems a rather unprofessional way to run a forum compared to most others.

They must have their reasons I suppose, but it's inconvenient to say the least.

  Karakorum 18:56 29 Aug 2007

No - Scrub "unprofessional" above, and insert "primitive" instead.

Now if I'd been able to edit the other post instead ...

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