computer turns itself off then flashes all time!

  chickabookins 21:13 31 Jul 2009

heya, i was wondering if i could have some help a few weeks ago my computer died on me the tower wouldnt turn on took it to this computer repairs shop and was told that the hard drive had had it and needed replacing well.... got it home and computer worked fine 2 days later the stupid thing just turned itself off and were the power button is on the tower it just kept flashing and couldnt turn it on had to take all the plugs (as we have an extension lead with computer, printer lamp, phone all plugged into it) and all the wires out the back of the tower, managed to get it working again but hours later it would turn off, took it back to computer shop and they said it was fine but the thing is its stil doing it and i have no idea why, the only way i can get the tower to turn on is if i wack it 1 on the top by my hands
does anyone have any idea why its doing it, whats wrong with it?
please help as its driving me bonkers!!
thankyou x

  peter99co 21:33 31 Jul 2009

It probably has a loose connection somewhere but wacking it on top will not help the hard drive.

Any knocks while the drive is spinning can cause damage.

  chickabookins 21:43 31 Jul 2009

thankyou for replying so quick, what can i do tho as computer shop said nothing is wrong but there purely is it cost me £65 to get it sorted last time i must admit its like 5 plus years old tho, i dont hit it hard lol just a lil tap as i no its only way to get it turned on

  lotvic 22:20 31 Jul 2009

Don't keep hitting it. It would seem to be a loose connection. You will cause damage.

Try this,
Unplug from mains electric
Press the power button for 30 seconds to discharge static from pc.
Take tower case off and touch part of the metal casing to discharge static from yourself.
Now carefully check all the connections of the little wires to motherboard, especially the connection from the front power light.
Check both ends of each wire.
Make sure they are properly and securely on their connectors by gently pushing on them.
Check all other cable connections in the same way.

Put casing back on pc and plug in and switch pc on.

  rgb1380 01:45 22 Sep 2009

I had a similar problem and it turned out to be noise on the 'power on' wire.

Here is what used to happen: my computer would not start properly, almost every time. It would start for a few seconds and then shut itself down while the power LED kept blinking. I had to go through a ritual of disconnecting it from the mains, waiting for LED to turn off and try again. Finally, I would succeed after so many attempts.

I had recently 'oraganized' the cables inside, it turns out that I knit motherboard wires including those that connect to the reset and power button with a 12V power cable. This was causing interference on the power button line and sending the computer more often than not to shut itself down at the beginning where the power supply is starting cold and is under regulated.

The problem went away as soon as I decoupled the wires. Hopefully this is useful for someone else.

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