User-DB816E0D-EFD6-4362-A9DE5B4B7CCF9B9C 16:12 12 Apr 2003

when playing games about 10 mins in to the game the computer does a re start, also when on the internet this happens. i have 256m ddr memory i had a ati 64m ddr 7500 card but have changed it with a gforce 4 card 64m ddr but i have the same problem.

can anyone shed any light on this

  mcullum_DX4Life 16:32 12 Apr 2003

ill take it your not overclocking?

If not, it could be your PSU isnt delivering enough power, it could be on its way out.

How old is the machine? Are you getting any errors whatsoever before it restarts?

  Kitz E Kat 16:33 12 Apr 2003

That's a bid mad!
Im not sure if its the card as this would happen during "normal" use also. It may be worth your while checking the power supply, also check the fan,either of these could be the culprit, after that im not sure. Heavy gaming would have your processor working flat out,and a dodgy fan would cause a shutdown.Some motherboards have a health check, you can show this on the desktop(Norton also has this), while you are working this will show the system temp. in real time keep an eye on this and lok for a rise in temp.A good multi meter will help you check the power supply,for any fluctuations (dont kill yourself!! be carefull). Hope this helps, lets know how you get on, hope you sort it.

  mcullum_DX4Life 16:38 12 Apr 2003

yer, tha heat is a good point. Check in your BIOS what temperature the CPU is set to go up to before it automatically shuts the system down. Mine is 75 degrees, ive never had it shut down yet, but it may be your fan going slow and therefore the CPU is getting too hot so the motherboard is shutting down for safety reasons.

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