computer taking 10 mins to boot up

  tesfred 07:02 17 Aug 2009

Help please, computer taking up to 10 mins to boot up, running windows xp home service pack 3, 512 mb ram 80 gb hard drive, plenty of space left. avast antivirus,adware & superantispyware installed, as well as the usual microsoft programes. bought new from staples 2 years ago, only started having problems recently, any ideas please, was told tha you could dsable some programmes a start up to ease this problem, but do not know the procedure, silver surfer finding his way about, many thanks, tesfred1944.

  ened 07:28 17 Aug 2009

Click on Start - Run

Now type: msconfig

This launches the utility.

Click on the Start Up tab.

If you are unsure about any thing in there paste it into Google to find out if it is essential.

The computer will still boot if you Disable All but you may lose some functionality of things like your mouse.

After making the changes reboot your machine.

The changes are reversable but if all is okay you need to tick the box which says 'Do not show this message again' after you have rebooted.

For some reason in XP doing that stops it from reverting on the following boot.

Apart from the mouse and keyboard (If you are using wireless) all programmes which are starting at this stage will start anyway as soon as you request them.

  sonyboy 07:31 17 Aug 2009

Hi testfred...Slow start up can be down to a number of issues..Even if you have security software may have an issue that your software has missed that is causing the problem...Lets start with the easy one first...You don't mention if you have done a Defrag..When a hard drive has been used for some time..the files are scattered all over the disk and as time goes by.The "read heads" have to search longer to find appropriate files needed in order to operate efficiently.The Windows defrag is not very efficient and is very slow..Try Auslogics Defrag..its' free and its here here.
Give that a whirl ..and see if your Startup improves..No doubt some other guys will pick up on your issue and give you some alternative pointers .Disabling uneeded startup is an issue you may need to adddress.but try the Defrag for starters....

  Technotiger 07:33 17 Aug 2009

Double-click on My Computer, then on C: (Local drive), then on Windows folder, look for and Delete the Temp folder. You may get a message something to the effect that Windows could not delete a certain file (or words to that effect), you can safely ignore that message.

Re-start your computer and Windows will create a new (empty) Temp folder.

This should help speed things up a bit.

  sonyboy 07:58 17 Aug 2009

As Technotiger says...the Temp folder can be a real "biggie" and the creation of an "emty " temp will help!
My suggestion of doing a Defrag may well not cure your slow startup....The reason I suggested it was to ensure you had a reasonably "tidy " hard drive as a start point.Try the tips that are posted ..and we'll keep a lookout and see how things go and take it one step at a time !

  Jak_1 11:58 17 Aug 2009

512MB of RAM seems a tad low for xp also, increasing this to 1 or 2 GB may help also.

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