Computer switching off automatically

  Quinlan 12:15 29 Oct 2007

I have had to buy a new computer because my old one, Compaq (2002 vintage) has a habit of switching off & on again for no apparent reason. I lose anything I am working on when this happens. I have Win XP as my OS.
Any ideas why this is happening?

  Jak_1 12:31 29 Oct 2007

There are two possibilities, one is a psu failure,most likely and 2 is a virus. If your av is upto date then psu failure is the most likely. Psu's are cheap and easy to replace.

  Quinlan 16:01 29 Oct 2007

Thanks Jac_1 and Marg7,

Excuse my ignorance - what is a psu?
I will examine the fan for dust.


  exodus 16:34 29 Oct 2007

PSU = Power Supply Unit, the transformer that provides DC power to the computer/components.


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