Computer Switching Off

  Amyfa 19:12 10 Jul 2006

I have just built a computer and I am having problems with it. It switches off every two hours sometimes I get a blue screen but others times I don’t. Sometimes when I put it back on the colour and graphics are strange but ok when I restart again. Do you think it could be a faulty graphic card? It's a pci express graphic card, so I can’t test it in any other computer here. It's not a top of the range card as I don’t play games on the computer.

  martjc 19:26 10 Jul 2006 suspect the graphics card. Or maybe there is a PSU problem. Strange that you say every two hours - does it take EXACTLY the same time each time? If so, it suggests some kind of auto switch off is set. Look in power management. Disable every option there, then try again. Does it switch off completely [no power light] or just stop working?

  Amyfa 19:33 10 Jul 2006

The psu is new and a 550 so it should have enough power. Its not exactly 2 hours this morning it was on for 2 hours and 10 mins. Then when I restarted it, it was on for just under 2 hours. Most of the time it just stops working, sometimes with a blue screen and sometimes as if its going to restart but dont, and I have to hold the case switch in to turn it off.

  martjc 08:46 11 Jul 2006

Is there a message? If so, what's it saying - get as much detail as you can.
Sometimes faulty memory is to blame for this sort of thing but we cannot tell from here.
Post back with any more info...

  xania 08:50 11 Jul 2006

Whilst you're at it, also check your other commections to the motherboard - CPU, memory, graphics card and sound card etc. to make sure they are all firmly seated. Also check for any temperature peaks - are your fans all working properly and can air circulate.

  jimv7 08:59 11 Jul 2006

Are there any errors shown in the event viewer, control panel/administrative tools/event viewer.

  Amyfa 17:10 11 Jul 2006

I have changed the graphic card and have now been connected for over 2 hours. The only problem I have now is when I put the second hard drive in the computer boots, windows starts then it goes off again, then when I remove the second hard drive its working ok. I did try this hard drive in another computer and it works ok there. My boot hard drive it a sata drive the second one is an ide one. I also tried using a new cable but made no difference.

  xania 08:47 13 Jul 2006

Suggest you start a new subject on this one.

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