Computer switchess off when upright!

  Narendra 17:19 10 Jul 2011

Hello, My computer has ASROCK Motherboard - N68C-S UCC with integrated graphics Whenever I have the case horizontal everything works fine, however, when I bring the case upright the computer stops working. Please advise How Do I rectify this! Thank you. Narendra.

  Narendra 17:38 10 Jul 2011

I have done that. Checked and rechecked. Thought fan connector is loose so removed the connection from the motherboard and reconnected it! The integrated graphics connector, I have checked again and again. Can not find any fault there. Also checked the motherboard screws if they are loose. No joy. All the connectors inside are tight.

  Narendra 21:18 10 Jul 2011

The computer shuts down completely but there is green light on the front panel.. The fan has its own covering attached to the right side panel. When I fit in the right panel, it covers the fan. I have run the computer without the right side panel, but switches off when its upright, I need to remove front panel (cover), don't know how to? To see if there is anything that short circuits. Or it could be the faulty PSU. How can I check the fault?

  Narendra 17:12 11 Jul 2011

Tilt it up about 6 inches and it switches off! But it runs ok when it is upside down, bottoms up! no problem there. It could be a faulty power supply, loose connections with. May be the CPU heating up when turned upright. It can be anything! No visible loose connections.

  Narendra 17:41 11 Jul 2011

Yes, I can do that. And I am calling from that computer. Its horizontal.

I tried to disconnect it from the motherboard earlier, found it tightly locked. Please advise me once more, I have done that before but this time its difficult. Do I snatch it or press some lever there? And does it have to be a SATA PSU? THank you.

  Narendra 19:42 11 Jul 2011

Thank you very much for your replies. I will do that. Regards. Narendra.

  Narendra 19:36 12 Jul 2011

Replaced the power supply with another one, needed 2 molex to sata connectors. And the computer has not switched off for last 10 hours! Thanks to all. Narendra.

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