computer switches on when telephone rings

  bellie 12:37 23 Feb 2003

Please can anyone help me, I have a new computer using xp and every time the telephone rings when the computer is off it switches it back on. I have had to diconnect the telephone line at the moment to stop this happening

  DieSse 12:46 23 Feb 2003

You need to get into the BIOS, and look fr a setting "Wake on Ring" - or something similar - and set it to Disabled. If you need help with actually carrying this out, ask again.

  howard60 12:47 23 Feb 2003

it is called something like wake on modem call. you normally have to hit delete or F1 when you first boot to get into the bios.

  bellie 15:25 23 Feb 2003

thanks for the 2 suggestions, but could I please get further help on how to get into the bios as I am new to this and do not want to make a hash of it.

  DieSse 15:35 23 Feb 2003

When the computer is first started, you should see. intext at the bottom of the screen, a message that syas something like "Press Del to enter Setup"

When theat message is there, press the Del key.

You will then get to the White on Blue set up screens - to navigate them, use the keyboard, as the mouse will not be showing. there will instructions at the bottom of the screen, about how to move around, and select items.

Look for the line that says Power Management - go to that line and press the Enter key. Look for the line that says Wake on Ring, or Wake on Modem, or very similar (NOT Wake on LAN - that's s different thing). it should sat Enabled next to it. Change that to Disabled.

Then exit and Save the new settings (see the screen instructions) - and now it should all be OK.

WARNING - not all BIOS are laid out quite the same, so you may have to use a bit of "nous". If the setting is already Disabled, then you have a different problem - please come back and tell us how it went.

  bellie 16:46 23 Feb 2003

Thankyou so much, It was referred to as PME wakeup, I disabled it and at the moment all seems to be well, thanks again

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