Computer switches on when i Plug it in.

  antony.dandrea 07:25 04 Oct 2009

Hey everyone.

This is the most unbelievable thing ive seen. When i usually switch the plug on, the monitor switched on and the printer switches on. I then have to press the pwer button to start the computer. In the last couple of days, something odd has happened.

When i switch on the plug, not only does the monitor and and the printer start up, but the CPU powers up. The computer literally switches itself on. When this happens i hear 2 beeps (which isnt normal) and black sceen like MS Dos comes up. With two options, Setup or continue. When i press continue, everything works as normal.

Except one thing. The System Clock. It re-sets to Midnight to like the 31st Jan 2001.

Now te clock could be due to the internal battery running out, however, this doesnt explain how the computer could switch itself on wen i switch on the mains; that could be caused by the button, however, the button still works switchign it off and on. Once i switch it off, but leave it in the mains, it doesnt come bck on again.

So this is all very mysterious. Any ideas?
My computer is coming up to 6 years old (next month) running Windows XP SP3. I have no intentions of replacing it :D.


The Doctor

  DjSprinks 07:42 04 Oct 2009

That is wierd! Lol a power supply prob maybe? mines pretty strange to! u turn it on at the mains then have to keep pushing the power button turning the power supply of and alowing it to discarge in between for up to 5 mins sometimes! it then sometimes freezes at the ROG splash screen to with the LCD poster on back of mobo stuck on TESTDRAM ?!? is a pain in the a**e but probs down to the fact its an ASUS Striker extreme mobo! Lol worth it once it gets going tho ide love to get it sorted i just dont know where to start as its such a strange problem!

  sharpamat 08:12 04 Oct 2009

the clock is without doupt the battery. the problem could ba as simple as a faulty switch, ( is your printer Powered thro your system )

Because the battery can effect the BIOS change the battery and see what happens, and report back.


Its not nice to hijack someone elses subject you really should start your own.

Your problem sounds like either PSU or Motherboard. do you find that when you turn off that 5 mins wait changes to a shorter time if you unplug the mains lead then plug it back in. Check your PSU and look closeley at Motherboard for domeing or leaks around the capicators.

In both cales I would ensure all personal data is backed up to an external media

  sharpamat 08:13 04 Oct 2009

cales should read cases

  DjSprinks 08:49 04 Oct 2009

I was not highjacking the post mearly sharing my own experiences of strange pc problems!
Thanks for your advice anyway i will check that out.

  antony.dandrea 09:55 04 Oct 2009

And what sort of battery do i get and how do i insert it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:57 04 Oct 2009


You CMOS battery is flat and the BIOS has reset to default conditions.

Fit a new battery , In BIOS set the correct date and time and make sure wake from LAn or wake on ring is disabled.

You PSU is filing change it before it fails completely a it could also take your mother board and hard drives with it.

  antony.dandrea 10:25 04 Oct 2009

Thanks guys, but there is still no explaination for the computer to switch itself on when plugged in.

  BRYNIT 10:47 04 Oct 2009

It could be the power button sticking. The button on the front panel pushes a switch just behind. With the power switched off check to see if the button is moving freely. Dust or even a broken spring behind the switch can prevent it from coming out fully.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:51 04 Oct 2009

The BIOS is reset due to flat battery WAke on LAN or WAke on ring is enabled either of these will cause it to boot when powered up.

  Chas49 10:52 04 Oct 2009

Could be as simple as a switch having stuck in the closed position - check that the contacts do open when you switch off.

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