Computer Switch Off

  flycatcher1 17:17 16 May 2007

I am having difficulty switching my new computer off. It has XP Home.
I go Start/Turn Off Computer/Turn off.
The Standby/Turn Off/Restart box disappears but the computer does not switch off.
It always works at the second attempt.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

  Technotiger 17:27 16 May 2007

Hi, this probably means that a program or programs are still running - look at your taskbar at bottom right. Right-click on some of the items there to exit the programs, except any Anti-virus. Then do your normal shutdown routine.

  Technotiger 17:29 16 May 2007

PS - if you use iObit SmartDefrag this is the main culprit for causing slow shutdown.

  iarno 21:01 16 May 2007

I had this problem with my pc when new, running XP Home.
I found that by creating a desktop shutdown icon it cured my problems and it's faster too.

click here

  flycatcher1 22:25 16 May 2007

Thanks for your helpful comments.
iarno canyou tell me how, please?

  iarno 13:57 17 May 2007

Hope you can follow this.

Shutdown Icon
Right click on the desktop.
Click [New]; [Shortcut]; to open the “Create Shortcut Wizard”.
Type [shutdown -s –t 00] without the brackets.
Click [Next] and type a descriptive name of your choosing for the shortcut.
Click [Finish].
Right click the shortcut you just created, click [Properties] and select the [shortcut] tab. Click [Change Icon] and choose from what is displayed.

Reboot Icon
Do as above but change the [-s] for [-r].

Good luck.

  flycatcher1 18:29 18 May 2007

Sorry iarno but I could not make your idea work.
The computer could not find "shutdown-s-t OO"
Thanks for help anyway.

  Technotiger 18:44 18 May 2007

Try again, but this time, click on iarno's link above and follow the instructions. It worked ok for me. Also note 00 is zero zero not Oh Oh!

  iarno 20:31 18 May 2007

Cheers for pointing that out. Do you find it easier.

There is a space between [shutdown and -s and -t]

  Technotiger 20:33 18 May 2007

Yes, works a treat, Cheers.

  flycatcher1 23:01 18 May 2007

Thanks iarno and Technotiger.
Works for me ae well ! I had tried OO & 00 but I had not allowed the spaces.
As ever the Forum comes up trumps !

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