Computer Suppliers

  fazer 17:58 13 Dec 2008

Could anyone please recommend a reputable company who can build me a computer from scratch.

I've visited some of the bigger ones like Mesh etc.but I find that when you are invited to "customise" your order, you still have little choice in the bundle - like card readers and DVD writers which I don't need.

I realise that any responses will be subjective but I would appreciate some sound advice especialy as I am a novice and will need to approach a trustworthy company who can also advise on my choice of build.

Many thanks ....

  rawprawn 18:05 13 Dec 2008

Many on this forum have recommended Novatech
click here I am not sure but I think they will build to order

  gengiscant 18:44 13 Dec 2008

Why not build it yourself?
I'm 55 and built my first PC,oh some years ago,when it was cheaper to source the components yourself and put the thing together.
I can still remember my first build,there wasn't the support and help from websites such as this,or if there were I didn't know about them.

Many frustrated hours spent problem solving,much pleasure when your build was up and running.

  fazer 21:48 16 Dec 2008

Thanks both.

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