Computer stops and restarts for no apparant reason

  JF25 14:20 12 Jun 2013

My computer has started to stop and restart for no apparent reason I first noticed it when I shut down and windows said not to cut power as there were updates. Shortly after this started the PC stopped and restarted with the message that windows had stopped and I should pick from alternatives or windows would start normally in 20 seconds. This it did and I tried to install the updates manually but got as far as downloading them but when it started to install it stopped and restarted again with the same message.

I have not come across this before. OS is windows7 Home Premium. I have tried Tune Up Utilities 2013 but it does not seem to have helped. any advise welcome Thank you JF

  spuds 14:29 12 Jun 2013

A bit of a wild guess, but if you have CCleaner installed on your computer, then try that programs 'registry check', and see if that comes up with some information?.

When you say that you have tried Tune Up Utilities 2013, "and it does not seem to help". What did you do, and what occured?.

  bumpkin 14:44 12 Jun 2013

What sort of PC and how often does it do this.

  bumpkin 14:53 12 Jun 2013

It may be overheating, give it a good clean out to make sure the heatsink and fans are not clogged up with dust.

  Bris 16:57 12 Jun 2013

If you are saying you turned the PC off when it told you not to then its likely you have a corrupted OS.

Before it applied the updates it will have created a restore point. My suggestion is that you restore from this backup.

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