Computer stopped !?

  Furkin 22:33 21 Apr 2009

ACER T120 Desktop. XP + SP3 2gb ram. About 5 years old.

A couple of weeks ago my computer just turned its-self off. I wasn't using it at the time as I was watching TV for about 3 hours.
As it was late at night I left it alone till the following day. It then booted up o.k. I checked running temps etc, which seemed fine.
It hasn't happened again till tonight.
Again, I was watching TV, when it just went off. I checked the on/off button, as it used to be a bit too close to the micro-switch. The button is quite free now, so I know it isn't touching.
The machine wouldn't start & seemed dead. I left it for a while & tried again, & it booted up o.k this time. I checked the power input plug/socket which seems fine, as are other things plugged into the same 4 x 1 trailing lead.
I am now thinking that it might be the PSU ! Does this seem about right ? As it's intermittent, can it be checked ? If I have to replace it, do I HAVE to fit the exact same thing ?
The machine usually runs as sweet as a nut.


  OTT_Buzzard 23:48 21 Apr 2009

IF it is the PSU then you don't have to fit exactly the same one. If in doubt go for a higher rated one than is already installed. It's worth checking what main connector is on your motherboard (20 pin or 24 pin), although the vast majority of PSU's aree in a configuration called "20+4". i.e. they will adapt to either of the motherboard configurations.

It's worth checking the windows Event Viewer to see if you can glean any information from it as to the cause of the crash. Assuming that the PC is in regular use, a couple of weeks between crashes would indicate that it may not be a hardware failure.

To access Event Viewer:

Start Menu - Run

Type: evnetvwr

You are looking for Critical failures (red circle with a white cross in them)

  woodchip 23:54 21 Apr 2009

I would say its the PSU but do not wait till it blows it may damage Motherboard CP and other Hardware. Also read click here scroll down to psu's

  OTT_Buzzard 23:58 21 Apr 2009

Should read

To access Event Viewer:

Start Menu - Run

Type: eventvwr

  Furkin 09:06 22 Apr 2009

Thanks for that,,,, tho' it's frightened me to death !
There are hundreds of 'critical failures' in APPLICATION and SYSTEM.
None of them tally with yesterdays date, in fact, I don't think there is anying beyond 2008 (apart from a few in 2033 !?).
Is there anything in here that should tell me about a possible PSU failure ? If so, what
'wording' will it contain ?.

It looks like i'll have to get a pro' in to sort that bit out ?!

I take your point. I will look at my PSU later to see what i've already got.

As it 'appens, am off to PCW soon to see if I can pick up a reasonable laptop for less than £500. This won't be to replace the desktop,,,,, rather it'l be just a mobile version (& would prefer it to have XP rather than Vista).

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Good RAM & HDD as well as great CPU. Decent graphics card & DVD burner etc etc.

thanks for reading,,,,,

  birdface 09:15 22 Apr 2009

Maybe check that the air vents are not clogged up with dust and fluff if so inside will need cleaning out as well.Make sure all the fans are clean and running Ok.Probably not that but worth checking.

  Furkin 16:09 23 Apr 2009

Oh well,,,,, at least I know !
I whipped the side off today to look at the PSU,,, only to find that the CPU fan had stopped. I was annoyed as it a fairly new Thermaltech item. I fetched a cheapy to keep me going,,,, only to find that the fan isn't faulty, its the power to the socket that's faulty.
The M.B has an Aux socket next to the case-fan socket, so at least i'm up'n'running.

1/ Is there anything I can do to find a fault here ? Will it be o.k to run off the Aux socket indefinitely ? I'm guessing that if this part has failed,,, maybe the M.B is on it's way out.

2/ Possibly jumping the gun somewhat, but is it worth my looking for a replacement M.B ? Can I still get a socket 'A' unit ? Even so - Is it worth getting a socket A, & putting my old CPU/fan on it ?

I don't have a lot of cash to spare (I was about to get a laptop this week !) but is it worth thinking about a newer M.B, CPU & Fan ?
If so, what's about to suit my Acer Aspire T120 kit ?

sorry to mess you guys around - thanks again for reading.

  woodchip 16:25 23 Apr 2009

use it as it is

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