computer starts and shuts off within 1 second

  elboy 23:58 19 Jul 2005

can anyone help. when i turn on my computer the power suooly turns on then shuts down straight away is it a faulty power supply or could it be something else. your comments are appreciated

  Danoh 00:26 20 Jul 2005

Is it exactly 1 second, or less than 1 minute? Did you get a series of "bleeps" from the PC as it is starting up and if so, please describe the 'bleeps' e.g. 2 short, rapid bleeps followed by a single long bleeb. Can you power up your PC at all?

  961 09:29 20 Jul 2005

Sounds like psu could be the place to start

Any thunderstorms lately? Do you have surge protection?

  elboy 13:10 20 Jul 2005

could b less than 1 sec and there r no bleeps at all. computer ran fine i turned it of before going out and when i turned on again this happened

  elboy 13:19 20 Jul 2005

have same type of surge protectors on 2 pc's and this one was shut down and turned on at the same time as the problem pc and is working fine both surge protectors show they are healthy and protecting

  olddick 16:49 20 Jul 2005

Think you had better get another power supply!

You could always "borrow" on from one of your other machines.

One other thing, try removing the processor and memory then see if it powers up with a series of beeps.

  woodchip 16:52 20 Jul 2005

PSU dud

  GaT7 17:37 20 Jul 2005

Could be the case switch - happened to me some months ago: "...PC powers off a few seconds after powering on..." click here. G

  GaT7 17:42 20 Jul 2005

If you don't have an alternative switch to try, do what woodchip advised in the above link: "As above if it's a ATX a screwdriver across the two pins will start the computer. it is only a push to go switch. push and it shorts the two pins to make a connection then when you remove you finger from the button it will keep going as it is controlled by MOBO and Operating System". G

  elboy 00:59 22 Jul 2005


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