Computer starts lagging all of a sudden.

  Zultan 14:36 05 Feb 2016

For a couple of weeks now my computer starts lagging when playing major games for a while.

I've been through loads of forums already, but nothing seems to cover it. My specs: Intel Core i5-3470 3,20GHz 8GB RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 Samsung SSD 840 series

I mostly play ARK at the moment, where both the game and Teamspeak occasionally start lagging heavily, causing a heavy distortion in the audio, sounds as if whatever sound was played at the time gets stuck and repeated over and over. This also happens in Fishing Planet and Borderlands Pre-Sequel, (all of which are online games, if that matters).

I do not have problems with Myst (1993), Riven (1997), Myst 3 (2002) and URU (2003) though, even though URU is partially an online game.

Here's what I've accomplished so far:

I've dusted it out completely, replaced the cooling paste in my GPU, did a clean reinstall of the OS and formatted my secondary 1TB HDD. All of these did have a major positive impact on my performance, and according to Speedfan, the GPU is the only part that exceeds 50C when playing, but doesn't get warmer than that, but after reinstalling ARK right away, the problems still occured. On both drives. Both my RAM modules get registered, and it only ever uses about 4 to 5 of the available 7,9 GB when playing.

I don't really have the money to replace anything expensive at the moment, and even if I had, I have no idea where to start. I really hope you can help me. Much appreciated.

  Zultan 14:38 05 Feb 2016

I forgot to mention: Even after closing the games, the system seems to lag for a while afterwards.

  Zultan 20:55 07 Feb 2016

Turns out the problem was heat anyway. I removed the case cover and hadn't had a problem since. I wouldn't say Speedfan shows false information, I think it just happened to be measuring a comparatively cold part of the GPU. Awkward...

PS: If your PC keeps overheating after removing the cover, I was told to try and point a fan at the innards.

  rdave13 21:17 07 Feb 2016

Need to study air-flow to your particular case then. Couple of intake fans in the front and a bigger 120mm extract at the back. Tie your cables as neatly as you can and away from front to back air-flow. Check the air funnel to the CPU is connected soundly to the side panel and the filter is clear. Removing the side panel is a temporary measure. Use a new artist's small brush to sweep the CPU's cooler fins and fan and a vacuum nozzle near by. Same goes to the GPU card's fan and circuit board.

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