Computer starts by itself after I turn it OFF

  Aznagroth 10:03 11 Feb 2004

When I turn of my computer for the nigth it starts by itself later on. Sometimes right after I turn it off, sometimes when I have been asleep for some hours. It is quite annoying to wake up findin my computer on, when I know I turned it off before I went to bed.

I use windows XP home. I have resently formatted. I have had this problem before and after the format. I have run several viruscans, without finding any virus. My computer is connected to the internet on a dsl-line. I have never experienced a boot when my computer is disconnected physically from the internet. I suppose that might give you a clue to why my computer turns itself back on.

I will apreciate any help you can offer.

  keith-236785 10:19 11 Feb 2004

I would suspect from what you say that your system is set to wake on lan or wake on modem/token ring.

this would explain why it doesn't happen when you are disconnected.

as i recall it is a setting in the bios, your motherboard manual should explain how to turn off these items.

One other possisbility (remote chance) is that your system is not shutting down correctly and windowsXP is rebooting as a consequence. to check, goto start/control panel/power options/advanced

near the bottom are :- When i press the power button on my computer.... That should be set as SHUT DOWN

:- When i press the sleep button on my computer.... That should be set as STAND BY.

hope this helps

good luck

  Aznagroth 15:16 12 Feb 2004

I have checked both your suggestions now. I have disabled wake up on LAN and my powerbutton is set to shut down. Still... when I got home from school today my computer was on. I am tired of computers not working. Please help me someone.


  plankton 17:21 12 Feb 2004

Have you got Auto Power Management enabled in BIOS? If so, turn it off.

  1514 17:28 12 Feb 2004

Unplug the telepone line when you next leave the computer and see if it starts on its own!

  ZX_ZA 17:46 12 Feb 2004

Some newer systems can switch themselves on on various different events. Wake-on-lan and modem-ring are just two examples. Others are USB, firewire, RTC (real time clock - PC may switch on at specific times), etc.

Check in your BIOS under power management, advanced options, advanced features, etc for all these events.

Another possible cause may be power failures. Most new computers allow you to select whether the PC should be switched on or off after power failures. This is also done in the BIOS setup.

Hope this helps.

  shifty 19:49 12 Feb 2004

Is the start button too sensative? Had a system that would start up at different times on it's own and it was down to the start button, set off by movement or vibration. Replaced the button and all was O:K

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