computer starting problem

  Liza 22:29 12 Dec 2005

my friends computer wont start. screen shows a number of options like safemode, bootup, configuration(last good starting),etc.
when i they these option, they dont work, so i return to the same screen.
Could someone please help


  VoG II 22:31 12 Dec 2005

Assuming that this is Windows XP, and they have a CD, try a repair click here

  Liza 21:00 13 Dec 2005

Thank you VoG for the interesting XP repair thing. I did insert XP disk and this came:'The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant visit for an updated BIOS.If you are unable to obtain an updated BIOS or the latest BIOS supplied by your vendor is not ACPI compliant you can turn off ACPI mode during text mode setup. To this simply...F7 key when you are prompted to install storage drivers.The sys will not notify you that the F7 key was pressed and it wll silently disable ACPI and you to continue installation.'.Computer stalled.Meanwhile friend took computer to repair shop and computer startup worked. Brought home it didn't. HD okay 9gig remaining from 40, floppy though not working.You think she inserted a problem disk. New floppy drive reqd.But I dont know why computer starts at shop.They're however putting hd up for a complete test.Liza

  VoG II 21:05 13 Dec 2005

That sounds as if the PC is not capable of booting from a CD. You can do a repair if you start with a set of floppy disks click here follow the on-screen instructions and insert the Windows CD when prompted.

  Sharpamatt 08:03 14 Dec 2005

If this did start at the shop, it may lead to where the root problem lies,
The first question is did you see it working ?
did you just take the base unit or full system.

If you only took the base unit and it worked the problem could lie with what you Have connected,

Moniter,modem,mouse,keyboard, speakers etc,

If you have spares connect them and try again, you could also try useing safe mode command prompt.this will allow you to see just whats causeing the problem

Or going into setup reset everything to default and save before closeing

You indicate that this is useing Xp If its useing another operating system an XP disc wont work By the specs this sounds an older system

The floppy could be the cause its either faulty or not pluged in if anyones had the case open so untill this is fixed VoG suggestion of useing floopies wont work

  Liza 18:22 14 Dec 2005

Thank you once again VoG. My friend was very desperate because the computer still didnt work (her daughter wants to do exam on it) so they finally got somebodyliving close by and all he did was press F8 several times and the thing came on. He also noticed that the back of computer was heating up there was also dust clogging up the back.He advised to turn off computer after use (which daughter never turns off). Meanwhile she can use computer.He will come thursday to repair. What is this heating up thing. I check the heating on sys, cpu, fan and remember they were 43, 34, etc nothing in comparison with mine which is 60 70. The computer is intel 4, 256 mem, 40 gig hd, shop said 9gig left. Liza

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