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  [email protected]© 20:31 08 Jun 2006

My parents are trying to get into computing at their tender ages!! I am wondering if there is a beginners guide that I could download in a PDF for example so I could print it off so they could have it beside them.

Obviously I will teach them as much as I can but I won't always be around and a step-by-step guide beside would be of great help.

What they would be using most of all is the internet and e-mailing their relatives in N.Z.

I will purchase a book in due time but I need something to get them going. Thanks.

  VoG II 20:36 08 Jun 2006

click here is pretty basic.

  Totally-braindead 20:42 08 Jun 2006

For the book may I suggest either an Idiots Guide or a Dummies guide, no offence but thats what they are called, these guides are excellent for beginners and you can get them from your local library and may not have to buy a copy at all.

  wee eddie 21:48 08 Jun 2006

that to print 100 pages

  Pamy 23:05 08 Jun 2006

Classes at colledges start in September, or even short "tasters". Gets them out and meeting other older people with same interest.

  Pamy 23:06 08 Jun 2006

PS. thats how I stated and I am a pensioner

  Pamy 23:21 08 Jun 2006

must get this keyboard fixed, it does not spell proper

  terryf 23:51 08 Jun 2006

I help my local Age Concern by running 2 hour taster courses for the over 55s. I get all levels of competence including the 83 year old who decided that she wanted to know about computers and at the end of the 1st hour decided that she was going to buy a computer with the help of her son. The courses are run either at the local library or at peoples homes if they already own a computer. So contact your local library and ask if their are courses running other than at colleges

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