Computer start up strange patterns???

  Essex-Tacy 19:32 26 Jan 2009

Hi there I have a computer here which is Pentium 4, 2gb RAM blah blah, running on windows XP, it suddenly died for no reason, when I reboot I just get colourful weird striped patterns appearing then just stops on a pattern and doesnt do nothing, I cant boot into anything, hell I dont even get my primary BIOS screen come up just colours, Iv changed the CPU thinking it may be a possible long shot, my grahpics card is fine and well now im lost, any advice or help will be appreciated,

  Technotiger 19:41 26 Jan 2009

Could be a dead or dying PSU, or even just a faulty Monitor.

  MAT ALAN 19:45 26 Jan 2009

Bit bemused as how you think your VGA card is OK when all you get is wierd patterns...

i would be tempted to go with Technotiger first and try another monitor if the problem persists try updating VGA card drivers...

Then possibly look at PSU...

  Essex-Tacy 19:45 26 Jan 2009

hmm well the montior is fine, ive just checked it via my laptop E,G what im using now, as for PSU it seems to be working fine everything kicks in as it should, fans whirling drives kicking up the usual stuff, but could a PSU be capable of causing that??

  Essex-Tacy 19:46 26 Jan 2009

Ok il give Graphic card change a go, and see how it goes cheers guys

  Technotiger 20:02 26 Jan 2009

Yep, but not necessarily, 'twas just a suggestion, something else to check.

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